Afghanistan - are they by any chance related?


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It's interesting to note the attitude of the average Russian towards our presence in Afghanistan, and quite a sobering thought when it appears that they actually want us there, and feel for us.

It's just a shame that we are there in insufficient numbers to do a proper job, and with a lousy open-ended brief.
There'll be people too who'll accuse them of losing, who'll say this was all in vain, all the crippled and dead lives were in vain," he says.

"No, it's not in vain. These British and American soldiers will always get moral support from us. They aren't there in vain."
Soldiers talking about soldiers...

There is a strong feeling that Nato has another plan - not only dealing with the situation in Afghanistan," he says, reflecting suspicion of Nato's motives.

"On another hand, it's absolutely clear that Nato countries, and Great Britain among them, they are doing our job," he adds.

"Now western countries are doing our job and support tremendously Russian security."
...and I thought I was the only one that thought that. What has the level of Russian internal terrorism been, since we went in?

A very good article, that could have done with a more in-depth approach, but the 'magazine style' will do for now.

Are these by any chance related?[/align]

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