Afghanistan and Iraq Remembrance Videos

A few weeks ago, I posted this Iraq Remembrance video on youtube and the link to it here. The idea behind it was to bring to the UK public the human cost of operations in Iraq without the patriocism and machoism so often attached to such videos.

Due to the amount of responses and support the video has recieved, and the potential youtube gives to get it into the homes of ordinary people, I have decided to work on improving it and I'm also creating a remembrance video for Afghanistan.

If anyone has any pictures or (in particular) footage that would be worth showing in either of these videos, or especially any photographs of friends or colleagues who have been killed in these theatres, please forward them to me at or send me a link (PM or email).

Also, any ideas for other videos are welcomed. With the right content, there's not really a limit to what I can do.
I put that in a post earlier somewhere in the intelligence cell interestingly enough. Nice job on it all the same
No problem. There's some great footage in there. You know, there are alot of US troops making documentaries now with video and photos they got. Maybe ARRSE ought to organize a british one

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