Afghanistan and Instant Sun Shine

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by longlivethequeen, Jun 22, 2011.

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  1. Can my fellow members of Arrse clear up a bit of info for me.
    If we pulled the troops out of Afghanistan along with our fellow allies and our dear leader the PM had the balls to drop a couple of Trident Nukes on it would the UK be breaking any international laws?
    Could he actually do it on his own orders or would he have to have one of his cronies agree also along with his real boss Obama?
    If it was against some stupid international law who would be in the shit the PM or the dear old UK I can not see the Nation as a whole being prosecuted any ideas oh wise ones.
  2. Command_doh

    Command_doh LE Book Reviewer

    Nuke the place from orbit. Only way to be sure.
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  3. It can only improve the place.....just like every time I do a shit there
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  4. Why waste the Plutonium on them, just leave them to their own: devices/government/laws. And close all the border passes (with mines and regular drops of persistent chemical agents).

    It's the future they've earned and deserve.....perhaps they will even evolve....
  5. No, it's entirely legal to nuke countries for absolutely no reason.

    You ******* moron.
  6. As I see it, it's entirely legal, provided the permanent members of the UN security council think it's a good idea and they meet and make the decision whilst the none permanent members are busy with the finger buffet or are filling out their fraudulent expenses claims. It would perhaps need a bit of work adjusting the UN mandate, but then we all have tipex and John bull printing sets handy.

    Now China, Russia and the USA are quite partial to a good firework show, our own representative will do whatever the Americans say, the French would agree to anything which gains them access to a pair of big tits and a free pair of handmade high lift shoes in size 38. Basically it's a goer.
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  7. How many reasons do you want.

    Why use ours I bet Israel has a few nutron bombs they are itching to try out. After all it's not the land that is the problem but the sweet smelling manlove inhabitants.
  8. Did you know that the U.K would almost certainly consult with Washington for approval before ever using this particular weapon in any real scenario.
  9. You worry about Ireland and the Americans support for the Argies sunshine and dont day dream about tridents and nuking anybody. The only thing your going to nuke is actually nothing, because Russia alone has already pointed around 1000 topols just incase you decide to robb the public tax money just to maintain those crappy things.

    Do the coward way like your forefathers, use the air support, otherwise stop moaning and invade Pakistan, then there will be no Alqaeda and Taliban, and no reason to stay in the region.

    The Wikileaks has already exposed your Wussy tactics when engaging with the Taliban, unlike the Yanks who actually do something and attack Pakistan, you guys should just retire and stick to banging drums on Britains got talent.

    Humour or what!

    Video: Dissident Republicans Blamed For Gunfire During Belfast Riots | UK News | Sky News
  10. You should use Syed from East Enders as your avatar.
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  11. chrisg46

    chrisg46 LE Book Reviewer

    You know, i am a fairly easy-going guy, generally see the good side of everyone etc. But I genuinely dont see the point of you. Why are you here? All you do is constantly whinge at how crap the west is at saving afghanistan and how its all our fault anyway.
    You say this from the safety of the UK, a country who has troops fighting on "your" behalf, and too often dying for it. If "your" country is so important to you, go and fight for it yourself! Members of this website have died in Afghanitan, others have lost limbs. Too many of us have lost friends.
    How can you have the nerve to call yourself Kandak? I understand Kandak to mean battalion - i.e. soldiers. That in no way resembles you, just another whinger without the balls to go and do something himself.

    I just wish the mods would ban you permanently, you little coward, God alone knows why they let you back in the first place - I have yet to see you contribute anything worthwhile other than childish spite and venom.

    Rant over, continue.
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  12. Chris, just put it on ignore. Click on the user name, select View Profile, then go down the column on the LHS until you find Add To Ignore List.
  13. chrisg46

    chrisg46 LE Book Reviewer

    I will do i think, i usually know better than to respond to trolls. Like i said, I try to see the good side in everyone.

    He is just a **** though.
  14. Don't think he's a troll, think he genuinely believes what he's saying.

    It's not necessarily wrong, either, he's just saying it the wrong way.

    The problem with protestors and protectorates is that they are generally *****.
  15. What the **** makes you think Russia would give a single squirt of piss if Afghanistan got nuked by us, they'd probably use it as an excuse to turn Chechnya into glass and the world would be a better place in both cases. For the third time of asking you spastic, whats your plan for invading and occupying Pakistan that wouldn't make Afghanistan look like a domestic? So whens your planeticket booked for your return to Afghanistan to fight the good fight, I mean surely you're planning on signing up as you're going about calling British troops already out there cowards for not being bayonet deep in the Taliban?