Afghanistan ammo usage

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Blogg, Jan 12, 2008.

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  1. Oh guess what the figures reported a while back were "understated:

    Aug 2006 - Sept 2007

    5.56mm Original report: 1,100,000 Actual: 2,020,000

    7.62mm Original report: 1,600,000 Actual: 1,830,000

    105mm Original report: 12,000 Actual: 25,000

    Not to worry, no Government deception involved just forgot to include tracer and "other varieties". MoD said "much of the error was caused by a failure to include training and blank rounds used by troops around Camp Bastion to practise their "fire and manoeuvre" skills."

  2. Really? HE, ILLUM, SMK, MKR...........................err where's the other 7 'varieties'?
  3. Lies, spin etc, from this gubmint?
    Who would have thought it.

    Its a serious amount of ammunition to be getting through. It just goes to show the pressures our lads are under.
  4. To be fair to former full-time Defence Secretary John Reid, he said he hoped British forces would be able to leave Afghanistan "...without firing a single shot". Even so...
  5. I seem to remember a passage in the book '3 PARA' that was published late last year about the Bn's time in Helmand in '06 in which the CO, whilst in the middle of running a large operation in the green zone receives an e-mail from some bean counter at either the MOD or PJHQ questioning why he needed to use so much ammunuition.
  6. He should of sent him a single round in an envelope with the suits name engraved on it CNUT :x
  7. Are you sure he didn't say "without firing on single shot?
  8. Maybe he did. Otherwise it was another one of those unfortunate ambiguous statements like Brown's "I have nothing but praise for the Armed Forces". After all, expending a couple of million rounds isn't exactly "firing a single shot", is it?
  9. Sympathetic_Reaction

    Sympathetic_Reaction LE Book Reviewer

    I'll put my politicians head on and try and make up the numbers:

    1 - L31 Mk1
    2 - L31 Mk2
    3 - L31 Mk3
    4 - L31 Mk4
    5 - L36 Smk
    6 - L37 Mkr, Red
    7 - L38 Mkr, Orange
    8 - L43 Illum
    9 - L50 HE
    10 - L51 Smk RP
    11 - HESH

    Who can spot the dodgey ones..;)

  10. And of course, if you include PRAC, Drill and subcal. trainer, they could weasel out of a perjury charge in a court of law.

    I wonder how many other ammo natures they're quoting here that were never issued in theatre?
  11. Too be fair to the bean counting kunt .Too start with Helmand wasen't wall to wall news .And it was supposed to be a bit of peace keeping .
    As long as the answer to the email was something like "oh fcuk i'll get some more out too u asap " he can be forgiven if he is still whinging beat him to death to save ammo :twisted: .
    The only people on your side are by you or up to 10m back imho.
  12. I'd suspect the confusion is between types and natures.. 7.62mm is either loose for L96 or link. Link is either ball, 4 bit and 1 bit or tracer (I think) that's 5 "Types" of 7.62mm there.....
  13. 25,000 105mm?!!
  14. Me!

    HE - L31A3 only.
    Smoke Screening BE - L45A2
    Illum - L43A1 and L43A2
    Fd HE Smoke Marker Red - L37A1
    Orange - L38A1 and A2
    Fd HE - PBX - L50A1

    Drill - Shell L1A1

    I am not going anywhere near the PH variants for the L119 gun!

    The tw@ts got 11 by incorrectly counting the numbers of shells and their variants.

    However if they can get these numbers wrong, what else have they got wrong?

    Answer - lots :oops:
  15. Can anyone tell me the average amount of rounds per kill?,rounds per wound?? Would it be possible to use a cheaper metal other than brass for
    the cartridge case? (Brass being so expensive and left on b.field)
    The Germans in ww2 used steal for cartridge cases.
    :D :D :D