Afghanistan,1919: Sound familiar?

From The Times, Aug 13, 1919, page 9. The story reads as follows:-

The following is an extract from a letter, dated June 17, written by an officer serving in the operations against the Afghans:-
'I don't suppose you've forgotten your pals in this land of Ind[ia], and if you want to do them a good turn, get someone to raise the question of this Afghan War in the Lords - the Commons are much too busy to worry about us. The whole of this show is rather worse than Mespot [Mesopotamia/Iraq] in 1915-16. It's unbelievable that we are supposed to have been preparing for a war with Russia and Afghanistan plus the tribes for 40 solid years. Practically nothing has been done.
There are good water supplies at various places, but either use has not been made of them, or any scheme to use them has been so scrimped for money that the distribution has been totally inadequate. The inevitable result has been cholera, which spread suddenly in the most alarming way - 60-90 cases a day in Ali Musjid, half that in Landi Kotal, 60 in three days in Jamrud, same at Kotah, and all from the same cause.
The troops have stood the climate wonderfully well up to date, but are showing signs of cracking up now. The weather has been vile, 115deg to 119deg, every day, and bad nights on top. No fans, soda and ice short, and in fact everything typically Indian. Get someone to demand an enquiry into the whole thing. It's the only hope of the Army in India.' "

Same old same old? At least the Foreign Office has now found some use for the water at the embaasy in Kabul! Were the fans, soda and ice for the scotch in the officer's mess, or for the cholera stricken troops?
If only it was the Afghans that we were at war against now; things would be a lot simpler than they are.

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