Afghanistan’s Vietnam portent

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Skynet, Apr 17, 2008.

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  1. Afghanistan’s Vietnam portent
    Paul Rogers

    The demolition of a French empire at Dien Bien Phu is inspiration to a Taliban aiming to erode the resolve of the United States and its allies, says Paul Rogers
    17 - 04 - 2008
    There have been many suggestions among media and military analysts since 2003 of possible parallels between the war in Iraq and the United States imbroglio in Vietnam that ended so humiliatingly in 1975. The argument is most prominently made by critics of both wars, though it has also been articulated by defence scholars or officials concerned that the US learns the "right" lessons from its costly Vietnam experience. on the link
  2. And your point is...? :?
  3. Not my point but it does seem to say that if the allies don't get their act together it could deteriorate into a Vietnam situation.
  4. so operation rolling thunder is out of the question
  5. And who is to furnish the superpower backing to the Taliban for this vietnam? Dien Bien Phu would never work in this day and age, in fact it'd be a result for the Coalition if they were mental enough to mass and expose themselves to concentrated air attack...
  6. My point is that it's a bit bone to post a random piece of 'meedja' without offering some kind of commentary or opinion. I've had a quick scan, and he seems to be saying that the comparison isn't very valid; there are similarities but not very many. The subtext presumably being that the comparison was originally made by lazy writers wanting to slag off the presence of NATO in Afghan; rather than doing a proper critique, they just compared it with Vietnam and quoted some choice buzz words like 'tet offensive', 'empty fishhook', Khe Sanh and probably invoked the hallowed words of Wally Cronkite. :roll:
  7. Why bone, what I do is to post a few pieces from the Afghan thread on the general current affairs thread in order to try and stimulate interest and debate on that thread. It certainly works in the majority of cases and I thought that's what ARRSE was about. Sorry I don't have time to comment on every piece I post on the Afghan thread, you may have noticed its over 5000.
  8. I can't imagine anyone seriously expects this to turn out like Vietnam, except in the roughest of parallels where the US and allies are stuck in a long medium-intensity war. As mentioned before, the Taliban just don't have anywhere near the logistic backup the VC and NV forces had. Fundraising in radicla madrassas is one thing, industrial capacity is another.

    For all the talk, Pakistan couldn't support them to the degree NV was supported by the Soviet Union (and to a lesser extent, PRC), even assuming the will was there within the nation. One thing the Pak elections have shown is that the Islamists are still in the minority. Even an influential minority can't swing the full resources of a nation behind their cause.

    In defence of skynet, I find his habit of posting snippets from the main Afghan thread in one of their own to be extremely useful. It allows people to debate and comment on the particular issue without clogging up the main thread.
  9. Fair doos; I'm a bit crabbit this morn, just ignore me...
  10. About the only similarity with the french in indo-china is that its trying to be fought on a shoestring budget by the allies. The french weren't really supported by the US till the korean war kicked off, a bit late by then seeing as how the US had supplied the viet-minh with an awful lot of weaponry during ww2. There are a few parallels with the two conflicts but none that really stand out, and even less with the vietnam war where the allies won the battles but were beaten by the media in the end....
  11. Does this mean we will have to put up with interminable slo mo effect war movies complete with a relaunch for obscure pieces of Classical Music?

    Will we have to put up with scenes of drug dens and the local Efi Slapper putting out for "Teh Dollah?"

    Even worse - TLA's and beaucoup soldier Slang?

    The Horror.....The Horror...... :D
  12. Hmmm, let me see.

    The sun-kissed orient and some lissom little wriggler pouting "Ten dollah, GI, me love you long time"


    Catterick and a vaguely human heffalump croaking, "Giza chip an' ye can tek me oop the Goonga, luv".

    I think the Yanks got the better deal, even the soundtrack was better...
  13. O.K, We're all agreed. Iraq is America's Vietnam, which is the same as Britain's Northern Ireland and Russia's Afghanistan. So Afghanistan is Britain's Iraq and at the same time America's Afghanistan. Ergo Afghanistan has a bye in the third round and Britain and America play the winner of Vietnam and Northern Ireland. France is the wild card.
  14. For fucks sake every war since vietnam Or the American War if you want to call it what the winners call it .(getting a sad on and packing up and going home dosen't mean you didn't lose for any septic reading this)
    Has been compared to vietnam remeber some yank loon comparing the falklands to nam on one of those late night discussion programes!
    Its a rubbish comparison .For a starter didnt they have helicopters in vietnam :twisted:
  15. does this mean Terry Taliban dont surf