Afghani family and social values SHOCKING

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by FULLTRAIN, Mar 28, 2007.

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  1. Sickening
  2. It's not shocking to the people who've lived there for thousands of years. They would probably find our treatment of old people to be equally disturbing.
  3. blue-sophist

    blue-sophist LE Good Egg (charities)

    Presumably you would wish them to advance a little bit? Or should they stay in the Stone Age?

    I bet they're really disturbed to see the West's provision of care homes, pensions, medical facilities, Meals on Wheels and an almost total lack of beatings. No wonder they, and many other rag-head oxygen thieves, regard us as wierd.

    You fobbed that post off with another inane and loaded comment. So what's your radical solution for the World today, Gennith, dear?
  4. Well, first thing, we'll totally ban smoking. Especially in wannabe French floating tax havens.
    I know it looks fcuking terrible to treat a girl like a chattel, and to beat ten bells into her.
    But that's their way. I'm no expert but I think the girl was a payment to another family, or clan, to avert a feud. Feuding is the national sport of Helmand. It could be that this girls sacrifice has saved dozens of lives.
    Still not good?
    Consider that in our culture a woman is "given away" by her father at the wedding. Until recently a woman had to get a male relative to sign for her mortgage or for a loan. Consider the lonely OAP dumped in "care homes."
    Borders are there for a good reason and should be fanatically defended!
  5. In other cultures the male may given away.

    The female was often "given" in to a better family, in some cultures it is the male who moves up the ladder.

    Your point?

    If this is THEIR way then THEY need educating. This is wrong no matter what.

    Especially if you consider that the lives saved by this poor mites suffering were likely to be males, the males who caused the ruckus in the first place.
  6. My Point?

    Don't be "shocked" by foreign cultures that you wouldn't condemn a paedophile to live in. Those countries are the norm, unfortunately. Rather be shocked by traitors who damage the west and it's unique values.
  7. blue-sophist

    blue-sophist LE Good Egg (charities)

    Super, that's a good reason for beating the kid, is it? Or at least, according to your values, "We shouldn't criticise 'cos that's what they do." Awesome morals, Gennith.

    How recently is that? Facts, not dribblings, will be of some help.

    Where does your small brain suggest we "dump" lonely OAPs? Are you talking about "care in the family"? Unqualified care, of course, but at least granny won't be lonely when she's surrounded by screaming kids and a stressed mummy while daddy tries to bring in the cash to feed another mouth.

    Please take time to think up a sensible response.
  8. blue-sophist

    blue-sophist LE Good Egg (charities)

    I know you are'nt "smoking something", so what are you on that triggered that nonsense?
  9. Equal Rights Legislation in the 70's let women sign for their own mortgages etc. Care for the elderly with family preferable to care of strangers paid minimum wage. Speak to a Chinese. They are shocked by our "dying home" system. It's fairly new- for thousands of years the elderly expected to die surrounded by loved ones.

    I'm no moralist, just realist to see that the majority of the world- ie not the West is a horrible, brutal place. Consider if this girl had been born in Somalia- her own family would have been chopping bits off her! If Cambodian she'd have been rented out to Gary Gltter etc.

    Knew you'd bite on your drug habit reference! How's the ban going down in St.Helier? Clicking yet?
  10. blue-sophist

    blue-sophist LE Good Egg (charities)

    So we're current then. Happened before you were born, so it's not an issue ... you can sign.

    Many Oriental families live in the "extended family" ... in the West we tend to leave home and go away. I assume you are Oriental.

    There are large areas of the world where moral values are either absent or so different as to be incomprehensible to European eyes. That doesn't make their actions "acceptable to us" or even "right".

    Those affected are affected. Those who moralise are, of course, moral. Those who dictate how other people live their lives are called dictators. The clues are in the words.
  11. "Those who dictate to other people how to live their lives are called Dictators/Dicks"
    Nice one Bluey! You labelled yourself nicely there!
    Roll yourself a fat one!
  12. If you look hard enough anywhere you'll find nasty stories. If you scan the press in England I'm sure you'll find stories of fathers raping kids, drugged up mummies letting their kids smoke weed, wife abuse, blah blah blah.

    So what? Doesn't mean Brits are backwards or brutal. Just that alot of people in a lot of places are screwed up. Whats new.

    Im not saying Afghan cultures particulalry great, but they do have some good things. For example Pashtuns are duty bound to take care of strangers and guests who seek shelter with them (partly the reason they wouldn't give up Bin Laden) and to protect them with their lives no matter who they are, or whether they like them or not. And then there's an honour code, not letting anyone take the piss with them etc. I know this, my pashtun/english mate from Sheffield reminds me every minute.

    And I think the Asian way of looking after the oldies is better. I think old people in this country are often bloody lonely and unhappy. And disrespected by a large part of society as well. We lose hands down on that one to a lot of 'backward' countries.
  13. blue-sophist

    blue-sophist LE Good Egg (charities)

    Apologies for the slight delay ... pouring another glass and unwrapping another packet ....

    Where on your Planet did you find a clue that suggested I was dictating? My requent cry is for people to stop dictating ... and moralising.

    It's called freedom, although you clearly indicate support for Afghani's to beat up a 7-year old kid in the interests [you blithely assume] of preventing an inter-tribal war.

    Take up smoking ... it'll calm your nerves.
  14. blue-sophist

    blue-sophist LE Good Egg (charities)

    A sensible input at last!

    As with many cultures that we find alien, including many Arabs ... we have something to learn in that area, I agree.

    Unfortunately, this gets taken to excess and leads to war and killing ... like parts of the UK.

    Agreed, although see my earlier post. The UK [and Western] lifestyle does not lend itself as easily to this approach, regardless of its perceived merits. I have an aunt in a home in the UK ... because she needs constant attention and supervision.