Afghan war to be funded by UK job cuts

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by olivey, Dec 15, 2009.

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  1. The defence secretary is due to outline how he plans to pay for extra equipment for British operations in Afghanistan by making cuts elsewhere.

    An RAF base could be shut and thousands of defence jobs lost in Whitehall and also within the armed forces.

  2. Fucking great isn't it. Fund a war by cutting some of the people it needs to fight it. Thank god Labour were not in power during WW2.

    I see they are also going to get another c17. Wow, don't push the boat out too far!

    Instead of closing bases etc and trying to fight this war and continue standard commitments by closing bases, why don't they start taking this seriously and start funding it properly by stopping giving billions to other countries, stop giving single mums mansions, stop giving benefits to obvious wasters, stop giving immigrants everything they want and most of all stop lining their own pockets.

    Blair and Brown are no Winston Churchills by any manner of means.
  3. They're buying votes,you see,and they're not remotely bothered how they achieve that.The Defence portfolio doesn't stand a snowflake's chance in Hell when 'administered' by a political party with a proven history of pacifism and hostility towards the military community.Far from being 'in disarray',as the Tories would have us believe,New Labour's immigration policy has been bang on track since Day 1,and now they have spent 12 years importing 'voters'.Futhermore,they are not out of office YET....
  4. Its simple really the MOD are at war the rest of the country is nothing to see here move along now.......another mince pie vicar!! did you watch "strictly" the other night....I see Becks is going to council tigers wife :roll:
  5. It is Frontline first with with Nui Liebour fighting to keep in power.

    The money is sent to the troops at the front to ensure they will fight for the cause and defeat the Terry Tories in the next battle, the lines which are being drawn now. If the front line troops don't get the equipment they need to fight the next battle then everything may be lost and Terry Tory may gain power and ruin everything that has been fought so long and hard for.

    The frontline troops need more 42" plasma tv screens, more £1.600 000 mansions to house single mums and her troops. More hi-tech gadgetry is required in the battles against boredom inside prison.

    Op bonus has to be paid to those troops waiting for their turn to strike fear into little old ladies collecting their pension. These old ladies may be members of the WI and therefore plotting the overthrow of the Gubment and they must be stopped.

    That is why the MoD must make cuts for the benefit of the real Frontline :evil: :evil:
  6. Time to cull all the LE officers. Redundancy for all. It'll be excellent for QM morale.
  7. And last week, Brown gave £1.5 BILLION to turd wurld countries to 'encourage' other countries to donate to the Global Warming scam…

    Guess what? The others kept their hands in their pockets and we are the biggest donor.
  8. And how much have we spent to bail out the banks? I've lost track - £100bn? Something like that. Several times the defence budget in any case. BBC doing lots on this report criticising cost overruns etc.
  9. 1)This shows that the money is there, it is just a case of what you choose to spend it on.

    2) Yeah but this make us look great doesnt it....
  10. A war nobody wants, fought by an Army we cannot afford, HuH!!!
  11. msr

    msr LE

    Ho he didn't, he 'pledged' it and we all know how much value those pledges have ;)
  12. Trust me, Gordon will borrow the money to give away to buff up his green credentials in time for the forthcoming general election.

    Cash for green voters.
  13. I'm sure it wasn't a targetted pledge nor indeed an objective based pledge. It was in fact an aspiration...

    If you really want to lose a war, destroy the morale of those prosecuting the war whilst maintaining the myth that we will be paying for it from normal disposable income!
  14. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

  15. And ten more Chinooks!........

    .......In 2013!