Afghan war only just beginning, security group warns

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Skynet, Jan 19, 2008.

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    Afghan war only just beginning, security group warns
    Published: Saturday, January 19, 2008
    KABUL - The war in Afghanistan is only just beginning as NATO forces, far from pursuing remnants of a defeated Taliban, are entering a widening and deepening conflict they may well lose security, NGO said today.

    Taliban insurgents, fighting to overthrow the pro-Western Afghan government and eject foreign forces, carried out more attacks over a wider area in 2007, the Afghanistan NGO Security Office (ANSO) said in its report for last year, and the best case scenario for this year, is "more of the same."

    "A few years from now, 2007 will likely be looked back upon as the year in which the Taliban seriously rejoined the fight," said ANSO, which monitors security for the dozens of non-governmental organizations working in Afghanistan.
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  2. I am sorry to if I sound cynical, howerer, is this something new that is being reported, even Broon has stated in the past months, "This could go on for another 30 years"!

    Lets' see the British Army have ventured into Afghanistan several times before and what happened and why?

    I feel that OUR PBI are in for the very LONG haul and many will pay the price for not understanding the WAY things are in Afghanistan and the wider Arab world and why some see this as a holy way, although Bush did liken it to a Crusade and Islam has not short memory!

    Show me in the Arab world a working demrocacy based upon the West, there is none! So why did WE (Us and the USA believe we could deliver one, when it was not going to work, nor do the local want it or understand it.

    One could liken it to England at the start of the Roman invasion ALL those years ago, with all the tribes here, who fought to the common good, against the universal aggressor, no matter what they had going against each other. So have WE learnt anything about history, evidentaily NOT!

    We have installed a western puppet president in Afghanistan, or at least that is how it is seen by them and whjat do WE want in return? To rebuild THIER country and for what price?

    Lets not forget who gave them all the arms and way with all to take on the Russians, God that's right, the CIA!

    One could also ask by Bin Laden was not taken out, when the USA had the oppertunity, what was it that a civil servants said a year or so ago, "It's a good day to bury bad news", so what is really going on and why?

    Or is this news item all about recruitting more civillian security guards, cos they can't trust the local Army and Police? God who knows?

    And in the middle is OUR poor PBI!
  3. Bhutto, said shortly before she was killed that democratic countries do not generally go to war against each other. She was explaining why it was so important for Pakistan to become a democracy once more.

    Whilst understanding your point of view, I wouldn't condone the idea that Arab/people have no right to expect to live in a democratic country of their own in the future.

    My own view is that it is more important to establish security first. Something entirely lacking in Iraq, and ignored in Afghanistan.

    "For Ms Bhutto, democracies do not go to war against each other and democratic governments do not harbour terrorists; and a democratic Pakistan, free from military dictatorship, would cease to be a haven for terrorists. The US president, George Bush, could hardly put it better himself."
  4. The previous forays into Afghanistan were against ALL Afghans, this time we have been invited in by the majority of Afghans

    The Afghans ARE NOT Arabs sunshine get your basic right beofre you spout forth

    We are not in Afghanistan to 'spread democracy' we are there to support the legitimate elected Government against medeveal fanatics. This is a JUST WAR

    What b*llshit, why then did the Pax Romana hold England for over four hundred years during which their Civilisation laid the bedrock of our own today.

    Oh really that is how they see it is it Charlie, been there a lot have you? listen if the majority of Afghans did not want us there then we would be re enacting the Soviet occupation big time.

    Use more green crayon when posting Charlie it will help readers save time with your posts.
  5. nigeglib I would query this statement, you know its not true.
  6. Are they not useing the weapons that the US gave them in the 80's?
  7. Not really stingers have a shelf life and AK's, RPG's and DShK's etc are hardly the exclusive preserve of CIA funding.

    edited to add Lee Enfields are still doing sterling service in the region.
  8. Because we're very, very arrogant. But then we've every reason to be.

    You have that entirely wrong. Neither the English nor the British united against the Romans, they sold each other out hand over fist and got conquered. Probably realised there wasn't actually any 'common good' to fight for - let's hope the Afghans become similarly enlightened. Over the next few centuries.

    Absolutely spot on. I have no idea what we're doing there, a few air raids to make OBL and the lads leg it to the mountains then a few nukes to really spoil their digestion and it could've been an object lesson in what you just don't fcuk about with. Who cares what government might emerge after? I doubt the trick would need repeating.
  9. AJ, I should have said ignored until last year. In Afg, we imposed elections and then moved on, allowing Talibs to regroup and come back in. Far better to have had troops on the ground and development started throughout the country.

    Security is far more important than democracy in the beginning, the biggest single mistake made by UK/US in Iraq.
  10. Arrogance caused wars and never solved anything, howerer, had we planned the aftermath before we went into Combat, both in Iraq and Afghanistanm we would have been better trusted and perhaps more accepted by the majority.

    I was making the distinction that there are Tribes / Clans in the Arab world and with all those factions, other than Sunni and Shia, with all the sub groups and other beliefs in the whole of the Arab world, not all Islamic either, we in the west have no idea of how to handle them all. And until you can treat them all as equal, how can you have a full democracy, be it based upon the western or what ever will suit the Islamic world.

    Perhaps the view of demrocacy is different and the meaning of war is not the same here in the west as it is in the middle east! So show me an Arab / Islamic democracy that works and intergrates all those in it's boarders and interacts with all it's neighbours in a peaceful and democratic manner.

    I love the way that some feel they then have to belittle other by using child like references in a topic that will be with us for at least a generation to come and will in itself cause more problemes glabally than any other issue of OUR time.

    But again, while there are those in the local security system "Army - Police" who are not to be trusted, or have their aligiance to one or more of the local War Lords, what chance PEACE and therefore DEMROCACY?

    Indidentially, the Romans had by far the best fighting machine in the world at that time, so no one could stand in their way, however, their leadership and social habits left much to be desired, much like ours really!

    The is a UK legal Term, "To come with clean hands", can WE?
    Why is much of what we do reactive and not proactive?
  11. Then who now are refilling their stores and why?

    Perhaps someone should be closing down the Drug Lines in and out of Afghnaistan and supporting the local farmers to grow food crops and support themselves, or is it that the west is till looking for a reason to wage war on Islam, no matter the cost!
    Hardly surprising the locals are just a tad fed-up.
  12. A good film to see about the Russian occupation of Afghanistan is Charlie Wilson's War showing at the cinema now.