Afghan village opens in Camp Bastion for training UK troops

Discussion in 'Afghanistan' started by MoD_RSS, Oct 1, 2010.

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  2. I see that the MoD has gone the extra mile: "As well as the villagers, there are also some permanent residents in the form of goats and chickens providing added realism."

    All I can say is that from my experience, British soldiers in Afg (last time I was there was 2009) have never had a problem learning to interract with goats and chickens. More importantly, they are already the best in the world interracting with 'local people' too: making friends, doing the proper stuff with elders, etc. They don't imho need an actor with a towel on his head to give them extra guidance.

    42 were particularly good at this, from memory.

    Why we need an MoD simulation created in the very country they are deployed in is a mystery. Could the dosh not be better spent, given pre deployment training is actually of a very high standard?
  3. That is fortunate.
  4. They're real Afghans. If the training's so good then what's wrong with even better training?
  5. That has disaster written all over it, Shall we place bet how long it will be before an OC/SSM goes back to his accommodation to find a goat eating his camp cot?
  6. Well, they're real Afghans pretending to be real Afghans on the MoD payroll. All I'm saying is that the Brits out there already mesh with the locals better than the others I've seen, including the boxheads, the Canadians and certainly the Americans.

    If they rented out the facility to the Yanks, they might do more good.

    Nowt wrong with better training where it's needed. IEDs, for example, rather than 'authentic' Afghans.
  7. Or a real suicide bomber ?
  8. Why would a goat eat a real suicide bomber?
  9. Depends if it's a real goat or one that's on the MoD payroll in a silly childrens' zoo version of Afghanistan, set in Afghanistan.
  10. What better training would you like to see/undertake with regards to IEDs?

    Do you have any specific questions?
  11. Just two:

    How much money did the MoD invest in the Camp Bastion reality camp?

    How much of this money could have been better spent on speeding up training on the vast array of anti IED kit that we're constantly being told is available, but there aren't enough trained bods to operate?
  12. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    Wait 'till they have a wedding and the Yanks bomb it in the name of authenticity
  13. Does this mean that The pre deployment training in STANTA where they had the Afghan village is not taking place ?

    Is the training instead, or as well as ?

    I understand that if it's instead of, then :

    It saves money, and is obviously conducted far better in theatre by locals who look like locals. Saw a clip on TV of a unit training in STANTA and it was snowing. Also they will get up to the minute intel from people in theatre. Overall makes sense to me.
  14. Bad Puppy!!! But yep, that would do it!
  15. You've lost me with the anti-IED kit, such things simply don't exist unfortunately. The trained bods you speak of are highly skilled, it's not a simple case of bolting on a package to an infantryman and they can merrily go about their business safely.

    The money would have been better spent on providing uplifts in equipment and vehicles for the C-IED teams. The previous government is guilty of negligence in that it identified the extent of the IED threat, but did not ensure appropriate funding for C-IED teams. Instead, teams functioned on minimal kit, we are lucky there are only 5 dead operators and one VSI (not to mention the heavy price paid by other members of the C-IED TF).

    You currently know all you need to know, stick with what you are taught and do it properly, as taught.