Afghan Training Team

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by ChunkeyKnob, Jan 22, 2009.

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  1. Been warned off about deploying to Herreick 11 as part of a training team. Not quite OMLT but more ANA recruit training. Details are thin on the ground, has anyone had any experience on what the job involves??? Many thanks.
  2. If you are being deployed,do you have a choice if you go or not?
    "Warned off" by whom? Your OC,Mum,Wife,dog,cat?
    Perhaps you could re-phrase the question please?
  3. ChunkeyKnob,

    You have PM!
  4. Ok cheers for that comment..... I do like to know what I'm going out as though. Im not a child who's going to stamp my feet, and pick and choose my deployments. :x

    Brigade has told us we are going out as a training team. Probably not OMLT. What other training jobs are out there, and has anyone had any experience in them.

  5. **** me the guy posts an easily understood post and you react like someone whos a righty dick - warned off is a standard term used throughout the army and of course he doesn't get a choice !
  6. I agree - what a knob response. the bloke was asking a reasonable question
  7. Thank you for clarifying that Chunkey.I'm sorry that I cannot help you.Someone will be along soon who can.Good luck,safe home.