Afghan: Time for Truth aka Martin v Richards

Bad CO

A marker for your diary on Thursday is the The Report on Radio 4 at 2000hrs which will be looking at events in Afghanistan. Subtitled 'Time For Truth' I expect we'll be hearing considerable discussion about the reality of the Taliban and what exactly was achieved over there.

My understanding is that two of the major guests will be Dr Mike Martin (well known around these parts as the author of 'An Intimate War') and some bloke called Richards who operates under the nickname of the Baron (no, not the amusingly dressed Irish one). Both have considerable experience of Afghanistan and are compelling speakers so I'm sure it will be fascinating.

No.4 Mk.1

Interesting listening, but i think we need a Celebratory Death match - i'd pitch the Baron against the Bull, or to use their common names ex-General Richards against General Dostum:

Then a bit of Karzai on Blair action..