Afghan tiger 2

i was, however now iam not, iam off to sunny side, in the med.....
Rumour has it that everyone that bothered to turn up for Afghan Tiger 1 enjoyed it, both of them.......
So I believe. Second ones apparently highly subscribed. Think our battalions sending down almost as many as turned up for the first one do that's s good start
i just spoke to some of the lads that just got back from AT2 , and they reckon it was a roaring success and the PWRR C/SGT from the London's was the most professional soldier with a wealth of experience and knowledge that they had ever come across.
BigJock ,
i have no idea what you are on about, i alway found him to be highly professional, and not at all a raving walter mitty, Bully, bullshitter who has been caught out lying about most of his military background and operational experience, so i really hope the blokes took on any advice that this highly experienced senior NCO passed on to them.
Absolutly now I can see where you are coming from. Did almost piss myself laughing when he came sprinting up the training area on the final assault raving about " shooting POWs" who point weapons at u
i wasn't on the course mate , but was it a CSM from 3 PWRR or was it someone from B coy London's (who wear PWRR beret and capbadge but a Guards TRF)

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