Afghan tiger 2

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by bigjock1229, Mar 14, 2012.

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  1. Anyone else attending this battle camp Saturday coming?
  2. aye m8, looking forward to it actually.
  3. It'll b utter pump I'm thinking. Could b good banter though
  4. Aye, could be! But will be good prep for rtmc (and onwards) at least for a (fairly) newbie lyk me.
  5. i was, however now iam not, iam off to sunny side, in the med.....
  6. Chuckling away in an empty room not good
  7. Rumour has it that everyone that bothered to turn up for Afghan Tiger 1 enjoyed it, both of them.......
  8. So I believe. Second ones apparently highly subscribed. Think our battalions sending down almost as many as turned up for the first one do that's s good start
  9. i just spoke to some of the lads that just got back from AT2 , and they reckon it was a roaring success and the PWRR C/SGT from the London's was the most professional soldier with a wealth of experience and knowledge that they had ever come across.
  10. That'll b the ****** that came close to being knocked out a few times
  11. Aye it was a good camp. But that c/sgt nearly got knocked out on several occasions. Fuckin balloon.
  12. BigJock ,
    i have no idea what you are on about, i alway found him to be highly professional, and not at all a raving walter mitty, Bully, bullshitter who has been caught out lying about most of his military background and operational experience, so i really hope the blokes took on any advice that this highly experienced senior NCO passed on to them.
  13. Absolutly now I can see where you are coming from. Did almost piss myself laughing when he came sprinting up the training area on the final assault raving about " shooting POWs" who point weapons at u
  14. like i said mate "very experienced" lol
  15. i did hear quite a few blokes wanted to fill him in including blokes from his own Coy and a few times it came close