afghan tactitcs

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by cmaj, Jun 9, 2009.

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  1. Ok, I promise this is no Wah

    I’ve just read the article about there not being enough helicopters for troop movements, but what about the Para’s? Ok you can’t just drop 'em in else they'll probable end up dead before they hit the ground. But what about night drops, surely we can improve on Normandy?

    Ok im just a civvie and accept that my knowledge is to say...incomplete...

    I would appreciate any sensible responses, just trying to get some sort of understanding (and anticipate a few ribbings)


    edited to aplogise for double posting
  2. It's not possible to give a sensible response to this question, it makes no sense, you are an idiot.
  3. Read up on "Fire Force" tactics by the Rhodesians in the 1970s.
  4. Seconded.

    cmaj I think you will have a long career as an o2 thief.

    Kill yourself now and spare us having to read your drivel. :twisted:
  5. There will be a valid reason why Paras are not being dropped into afghanistan at this present time.
  6. CQMS it to do with the fact that most reports say there aren’t enough helicopters to move troops, and im assuming that most deep assaults (as in going out to attack Taliban bases) use hello's, and so replace those with some parras and the hellos can be used else where. again as i say im just trying to get a greater understanding.

    thanks whitecity, ill have a look
  7. Maybe we don't have enough Hercs to start dropping paras.
  8. Journo?
  9. More likely a fool who can't do any basic research.
  10. Ahh now i understand, you want to drop the Paras on Taliban bases at night, and allow the Helicopters to be used somewhere else, which group of Taliban do you command :? 8O
  11. its a smashing plan old boy!! Give the top brass a tinkle with your idea and im sure you will be whisked into the tactical planning department and probobaly given a medal you cnut!!
  12. I believe the main problem is the reverse 'chuting back into the planes when they are done.......
  13. He is a journo then. :wink:

  14. Have we run out of bombs :lol:
  15. no journo, just a guy taking an interest in whats going on out there. and i wasn’t suggesting the idea was a brain box one, and obviously the brass have thought it and thrown it out before i even considered it, but i was just wondering at the reasoning.