Afghan success. Whos responsible? and Why?

Should one of our readers and contributors be in Afghanistan, I'd be grateful for a comment - when the repatriation kicked off in early '03, the flow was in two directions: people would return on a temporary basis and then bang out at the first hint of things getting rough. If this moving ain and out of the 'Stan is still the case, is the floating population moving for economic, rather than skin preserving reasons?
strut_jack said:
Birdie_Numnums said:
Feck me Neo who gave you permission to post good news?
Maybe he doesn't think it's good news, afterall the article makes it look like the UN is working. That can't be right, can it?
well i guess there's a first time for anything, eh! however, i see no comment regarding that the only reason the UN are actually there doing something, is because the US/UK actually got rid of the Taliban.

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