Afghan salary for construction professionals

What are the rates for construction managers/project managers in Afghanistan for Brits working for an international construction contractor these days? Do they normally include danger pay or is that normally offered to guys working out of the wire? And lastly what make up are the workforce in general, as I heard there are quite a few Indian labourers.

Any positive responses are welcome. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and experiences guys.



To try an answer for you; Caution. Before you jump be aware that once in you get there, it's too late if you haven't boxed it all off. You seem a switched on cookie so no offence meant here nor do I wish to state the bleedin' obvious. The rates seem good for managers, as in: probably higher wages than you'll get in Blighty . But.. you could look round for vacancies, job specs and what the going rates are. I was lucky in my job, they were a good company, all round.

It could be, that you won't enjoy similar conditions and protection out there, which would apply to UK employment.

I am led to believe the wages are high in that sector. It will as usual depend on the job specs, also depends on what you bring, and what you negotiate. It's hard work and long days in difficult conditions.

The workforces are multinational and NATO. For instance ; US, Indian, Filipino, Pakistani, Russian, UK.

For whatever it's worth; check out the company. Also ask that all correspondence be received on their company headed paper and for emails it's not difficult for companies to include their full address, logo and registration. Check the job offers and remuneration and check out these are all genuine. Ask for company written confirmation of the position and confirmation of the wages just in case the job turns out not to be what was offered. Check wage payments frequency and how wages are paid. Online Banking is a must. You will probably have access to internet on a Base.

Do not use your UK mobile in AFGN if you don't want massive bills. Get a local phone card.

Ensure you get full written terms and conditions of employment from senior management.

You will need an IBAN usually, International Bank Account if you are paid in USD. And the currency in theatre will usually be USD so you'll need your IBAN Bank cards .

Also perhaps make sure you've cash in the Bank, to get you back home , if things go wrong or you want to get out early/after your probationary period. Find out who the "umbrella" authority are.

It can be a good earner and a cracking time. It can also go badly wrong if you haven't planned for your exit, or a
quick return to Blighty.

Hope this helps and as said; no offence intended. Look before you leap and if it doesn't sound right, don't do it.
Project managers with my company will be on a competitive UK wage plus around 77% uplift for danger money, arduous living conditions, extended working week etc. All your food, accommodation, laundry etc is free.
I work for a UK company so we are paid in pounds into a UK bank account (tax free as well). We are not allowed outside the wire (for two reasons - its fairly dangerous and we also don't have visas for Afghanistan so we risk being arrested).
We have about 60 ex-pats and about 500 TCN's (Indians and Sri Lankans mostly), all the labouring type work is done by TCN's, ex-pats have the management roles.
The company has a duty of care to get you back to blighty if you decide to jack so unless they went bust you don't have to worry about getting home.

Foreign companies tend to pay rather more but their terms and conditions are often far worse, plus there is the dollars issue as above.
Check that you have medical evacuation insurance as well.


He's getting some good advice :) Some more infos, ISAF usually regulate these outfits in theatre and you will probably be okay. Companies do have duties of care. A lot of the expats/managers are ex mob, very professional and responsible blokes. Most of the important stuff has been covered here.
If you don't mind living in a box, lots of noise, Terry lobbing rockets, covered in dust etc, you'll be fine.

Anyone need a food service projects manager in AFGN or Dubai give us a shout. No job too big, 5-6K USD month and you get the works :) Good track record and references.
After my holiday though ;) PM's any time.

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