Afghan President Karzai tells Nato to pull back to bases

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Brit_Bulldog, Mar 15, 2012.

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  1. Afghan President Hamid Karzai has called for Nato-led forces to move out of Afghan villages and rural areas after a US soldier killed 16 civilians.

    He told visiting US defence secretary that Afghan troops should take the lead for nationwide security in 2013.

    Meanwhile the Taliban have suspended talks with the US over opening an office in Qatar.

    The US has been trying to set up a dialogue with the Taliban in the Gulf state for some time.

    BBC News - Afghan President Karzai tells Nato to pull back to bases
  2. hmmm funny last time we did that in Bashra, the US kicked off and blamed us for everything........
  3. who care lets get to ****

    last one back to bastions a rotten egg
  4. Not everything, somethings where Blackwater's fault, our al Malaki, or the Iranians...
  5. The first place NATO should pull back from is from around Karzai. Leave him to Afghan security and see how long he survives.
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  6. It's about time the Afghans got back to their normal business, killing other Afghans! More power to them I say.......
  7. That just made my day. Out of the villages and back to the camps - that's the first step in getting our lads and lassies safely home. There's a much bigger picture that I'm very aware of - but my biggesst wish is to get everyone home with as few injuries or deaths as possible. This is a step in that diection.
  8. Karzai will be on the noon Safi flight to Dubai to catch the 16:55 Emirates for Zurich the day before the last of the 82ndAB Div leave Kabul 'International' - posturing oaf.
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  9. I cant believe he's saying this in private. As soon as Nato leaves, he's dead. he's not stupid enough to think otherwise is he ?
  10. sadly i dont think he's stupid enough to stick around. hopefully i'm wrong and we'll get to see his head on a stick.
  11. His head on a stick is the least of his worries. The last bloke got his nackers lopped off.

    "…Najibullah was at the UN compound when the Taliban soldiers came for him on September 27, 1996. He was castrated before the Taliban dragged him to death behind a truck in the streets. His blood-soaked body was hanged from a traffic light.…"
  12. you know, its not often i agree with the taliban but.....
  13. skid2

    skid2 LE Book Reviewer

    Him, his family his money and all the friends he has bought........let the swiss look after him .
  14. [​IMG]

    Look into the eyes, look into the eyes, no don't look around the eyes look into the eyes,'re under, pretend to withdraw to the bases but don't and don't forget to treble my guards disarm all my troops anywhere near me and guard me all to ****, oh and pay me several trillion dollars and always make me look good CLICK! you're back in the room!
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  15. Bye then, Khazi.

    Good luck with securing your backward shithole of a "country" on your own.
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