Afghan Policeman shoots two NATO Soldiers

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by beemer007, May 13, 2011.

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  1. Just breaking on the BBC news 24, no further details released as yet...

    "The policeman opened fire as the soldiers, whose nationalities have not been released, prepared to eat lunch at a police base in the southern province of Helmand, said an International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) release.

    It said the victims of Thursday's attack were part of a mentoring team, one of many working to train up the Afghan police and army to take over security across the country in the next three to four years"

    AFP: Afghan policeman kills two NATO soldiers
  2. I have much more respect for the taliban then I have for the ANP. They're gopping shitbags who can't be trusted.
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  3. Arent they both that?
  4. Have you fought the taliban? They're far from shitbags. Most of the ANP are swindling ***** who rape and pillage their own citizens and are mostly in the game to get what they can out of it. At least the taliban have ideals even if we don't agree with them.
  5. Yea, good argument that. I never fought the Nazi's either but I know they were a bunch of ***** that people suffered under. My grandmother for one. Ask any women who are over 15 in Afghan if they have any respect for the Taliban.
  6. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    Fixed trhat for you. But yes, Taliban are fighting and for a cause, not for $$$. Coppers are coppers around the world, and this lot are at the low end of the Cop spectrum (which says a lot).
  7. I am sorry, but I am bit lost. Its ok to murder and abuse people as long as it’s for a cause?
  8. We've been doing it for thousands of years. Who are we to say the taliban are not fit to rule because they don't conform to our western ideals? Many people in Afghanistan prefer the taliban to the current government. Have you even been to Afghanistan and talked to the people on the ground?

    We went into Afghanistan because the USA lost 3000 people, not because of the way the taliban were running the country.
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  9. Good call, Fally. And what makes it worse is the fact that the US were pro Taliban when they were fighting the Soviet machine, but AQ land inside a couple of buildings and it's war on all ragheads, AQ, Taliban or otherwise.
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  10. You aren’t really seeing the point mate. I am not trying to be funny, but a hell of a lot of people in Nazi Germany didn’t want change either and liked the way things were in 39. An Independent Human Rights Commission called the Taliban's terrorism against Afghani civilians a war crime. They are responsible for over three quarters of civilian deaths in Afghanistan. The human rights abuses against them are astounding, what ever the whys or what for’s are regarding “our” involvement, I take umbrage at anyone painting them to be “ok” guys. Same way I would anyone saying the same thing about ETA, the IRA or Hamas. Ideals don’t make abuses acceptable. That goes for everyone.

    And Joker, that is the fine balance of International diplomatic peace. It can easily be tipped either way.
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  11. Why can't you ask? Oh that's right...........................
  12. RU99, agreed, but it just goes to show that yesterdays allies are todays/tomorrows enemy. It all depends on the sway of the political balance at the time. AFAIK, it was AQ that launched the attacks on the US, but all of a sudden, the Taliban are the main problem. We know that they are, judging by the latest bombing in Pakistan (akin to someone slotting Gerry Adams from IRA and INLA taking revenge).
  13. What has Nazi Germany got to do with Afghanistan. The Germans were committing genocide and trying to take over the world. The taliban aren't. And the taliban are responsible for three quarters of deaths in Afghan. Bollox. Where did you get that from? Take umbrage all you want from your nice soft civvy armchair.

    If you feel that bad about it then get your arse out there and fight them instead of gobbing off on here.
  14. I'm with Fally, I wouldn't trust the ANP as far as I could throw them, we've had FOBs/PBs attacked from the roof of the local chief of polices house. I've also heard from locals about ANP who're ANP by day and at night take their "issued" weapons and go down town to rape and rob, or hook up with the Talibs and go and attack NATO troops.

    They're about the same as the Iraqi Police.
  15. The taliban are like our Puritans from the 17th Century. Not allowed to have much fun, no women's rights, rule with an iron fist and deeply religious. The whole of that side of the world resembles Britain in the medieval and Stuart era. It will change slowly just as we did. Trying to force democracy and western ideals on them when they aren't ready for it will, and is ending in tears.