Afghan police intercept explosives-laden truck

Discussion in 'Afghanistan' started by MoD_RSS, Oct 14, 2011.

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  2. Good effort.
  3. As said before Good effort !! Dose any one have info on what happend to the driver of this lorry ???
  4. "Finding the back of the truck to be completely empty a closer investigation then revealed the hidden compartment in the back where the police found the haul of homemade explosives along with two pistols, a number of insurgent propaganda magazines and a significant amount of other IED components."

    Poor drills on the part of the Taliban.

    If they'd put half a dozen goats in the back, they would have been pinged as a mobile brothel and waved on through.
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  5. Methinks you read the same report as me.
  6. I know its terrible to think that the driver of this truck is out there to do this again , but then again he may have got what was comeing to him. (hopefully)
  7. Well if the Afghan police are this good obviously we can start to pull out and leave them to it. Clearly it's mission accomplished and we can start a tactical money saving idea, I mean withdrawal, tout suite.
  8. Fantastic.In theory that has saved over 150 Soldiers lifes.
    Finally the ANP are gaining control of Afghanistan they are protecting their country from danger & Yes the ANA are also apart of this Protecting,but right now.. i would trust the ANP more.
  9. 6 points on his licence.
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  10. Captain Khan Muhammed, the EOD operator involved, is already a bit of a legend....
  11. And a lot of a lucky bugger.

    Long may that continue.
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  12. I thought it was the other way around (ANP being more drugged-up and/or more corrupt than ANA)?