Afghan Photo Essay

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Chief_Joseph, Jul 27, 2009.

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  1. Another brilliant report:

    How the fcuk can our lads be stuck on the ground for TWO WEEKS due to lack of helis?
  2. Awesome pics - good find
  3. I'm told it's the new DPM - but must be very new because I can't find a single link!
  4. To me, it looks like they've taken their desert 95 shirts and dyed them. But that's a total guess.
  5. They look almost like some proper ally trops I had a few years ago!
  6. I believe the under armour shirt only comes in dessie, and it looks like 2 Rifles are trying to mix and match dessies and green, so I would guess a dying job that went a little worse then planned.
  7. Either that or people have been shoving their jungle shirts into the same wash as the dessies and UBACS and the dye's run.
  8. You can get woodland DPM for under armour too, I have one myself. It's not that easy to get so maybe the lads did dye theirs. It's definitely under armour alright.
  9. We used to wear JG's camed with black in the M/E, because of the mountains at a distance were dark blue or black, so I imagine that could be the same reason.
    But only guessing on them lads in gan.
    What I can’t get my head around is the amount of kit they have in the front.
    We used to pull our pouches to the side so has not to have too much of a profile , when you hit the deck?
  10. An officer told me that the soldiers from 2 Rifles come from 32 countries. Sounds more like The FFL than the British Army, guys recruited from all over the Commonwealth
  11. Brilliant article. Well done to him.
  12. The Blue-ish tops are desert DPM UBACS which have been dyed.

    With ref to the 32 countires, all the soldiers I have served with from the Commonwealth have been excellent. Especially the big lads from Fiji.

    Very friendly, most of them with a permanent smile, and will always have your back.

    Excellent report from Mr Yon. Have missed his reports for a while now, and nice to catch up.
  13. The lads from Fiji are awesome. Morale personified!