Afghan patrol

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by cam_up, Dec 23, 2008.

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  1. i am going to afghan in march and it'll be my first tour, so could pepole tell me what you carry on patrols i know the obvius like water ammo and more,
    but all the little bit so i know what to take
    many thanks
  2. Depends on the tasking, but the Taliban on ICOM call the brits 'pack-horses' to give you an indication on weight (around 60-70lbs in 55deg heat in summer)
  3. s*** that aint light
  4. oh the joys of manpack ecm
  5. Don't use it then. I'm sure you'll be fine :roll:
  6. obviously it's there for a reason

    just means more weight to carry within the section/pl/fireteam

    im happy im deploying as a driver for herrick anyways... no more faffing about changing the batterys in the back as a dismount like on telic :roll:
  7. Its got a lot better in the last few years and no nation can match it.
  8. And the rest! The average Rifleman patrolling in the Green Zone of Helmand will carry about 80-85lbs (that's 37-9Kg for you metric heads). The weight in itself is demanding, but the terrain and the heat can be the most debilitating factors.