Afghan paperwork

Just got my paperwork through the post for a short trip out to the pit, and it says I'm mobilised for 12 it should I hear you say...............but I'm only supposed to be going out with Bowman team for 6 weeks!!
Are these letters generic or am I likely to find myself being shafted by Sh1twell and forced to do bonk tasks until my year is up?
Coupled with the fact that my job think I'm only gonna be away from them for a maximum of 12 weeks I can only imagine how the 12 months thing reads to the HR people!!
Who would be the best person to chat to about ascertaining specifics of the tour?

I have heard this before, a couple of times, one person it was a mistake, and after he contact teh CSM and PSAO iot was corrected, the other it was the guy being an idiot and had applied for a 12 month post thinking it was 12 weeks. CHeck with PSAO or PSI, get them to verify.... just in case..
It's just the standard deal. The contract that you've signed up to essentially allows your stay to be extended up to 12 months if things start going horribly wrong, without the need for additional paperwork.

Unless you're very, very good at your job (in which case they'll want to keep you as long as possible ;) ), then you'll come back at exactly the time that you thought you'd signed up to. (Then they'll save the remainder of the 12 months for anytime that they choose during the next five years).
Paqperwork?! I thought theyuse their left mitt for that.......?
Cheers guys, seems all mobs for Afghan are under 52, (12 mths in warlike operations), but I've been assured that my stay will go as planned unless something bonkers happens.
Happy so far :)


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