Afghan Nato supply terminal attacked in Pakistan

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by PartTimePongo, Mar 15, 2009.

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  2. Some poor fcukers Comfy Box might be a bit crispy when they get it...
  3. More...

    But if you like that, you'll love this:

    $5 billion of military aid in part payment to those those who attack the supply terminals.
  4. FFS, I'm just a civvy so will understand being told to bore off but can I just say that I find it disgusting that while ISAF forces are losing men daily (And it always seems to be the British army doing the majority of the fighting thus risking losing people*) nothing is being done to ensure they're getting all the supplies they need, well, bar a bunch of slimey cnuts sitting back watching the dust up and stroking their beards.

    I'm sorry but why can't we plonk the Germans there as a static Logistical Defence Force or similar as they seem to be one of the more hand tied groups out there over actively fighting the enemy?

    *I am aware that the Canadians, Danes and French have also suffered tragic losses conducting operations, just seems that you guys seem to be taking the most flak out there.
  5. maybe its because the British media mainly concentrate on British Forces.
  6. True, I've not kept up fully with who is doing what out there but the theme I pick up from having lurked on here a while is that some aren't doing as much as others. Just seems to me that if a supply terminal isn't being defended adequately it makes sense to take one of the less active contributors to the offensive fighting and stick them into a defensive role rather than relying on a barely friendly nation.

    But I'm just a civvy so I'll stop flapping my gums before I make myself look like a complete idiot :)