Afghan National Army: morale is low.

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by KGB_resident, Jun 19, 2005.

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  1. the maxim "The army marches on its stomach " is quite true here, if you look after the pay, food and accomodation issue included the Death benefits tot he families.
    they will be happier and morale will be boosted big time , no army can stand before a well motivated force.
  2. Foreign aid to Afghanistan is working which cannot broadly be said of Africa. Seems a logical move to divert some aid cash into assisting these obviously well-regarded fighters who genuinely want to defend and protect their country.
  3. Couldn't agree more. Btw, Russia delivered weapons to Afghans ($50 mlns.) including tanks without payment.
  4. KGB_resident remarked:

    Over the Pond here we have a saying..."Payback is a b*tch"
    (I suppose y'all know)

    It's mucho tough with all the 'Infiltrators'...hard to tell the good guys without a program...those cats can be mighty two-faced.


    The Afghan president, Hamid Karzai, and NATO have their work cut out for them.

    Too bad peace won't grow like poppys over there...


  5. The Afghans have been freed from the Taliban by coalition forces i.e foreigners. We can continue to support them but we did not live under the Taliban so lets equip those who feel it in their hearts to a level where they can claim their country back. I would feel second-class too if I were an afghan soldier sharing a tap right next to a US base like the ones I saw in Gulf 1.
  6. Afgans are natural born fighters. Fighting is a way of life for them. They fough Alexander the Greek, scirmished with us Brits and had a right old set to with their Communist allies from the north.
    Ganistan is the gateway to India from the north, Britian wanted the gate close and Ivan spent centuries trying to open it.
    The Warlords do exsist and are said to pay well for fighters. The Government pays small by comparision. Tribal is the accepted identity not Nation.
    Any nation fighting alongside US forces is Gobsmaked by their standards of equipment and the care taken over troops home comforts.
    The Afgan fighter can and will exsist on a handful of rice with the odd chapati and must look in marval and wonder at their US allies fare and equipment as the Brit tropper did and still does.
    Low moral will happen, but give him a fight and he will.
  7. Kipling called the struggle to control Central/South Asia "The Great Game".

    USAID and DfID are pouring money into the country - not to the heart of the problem though.

    Tell Pakistan to stop cross border penetration by Insurgents, Air spray the Poppy crop (Don't p1ss around cutting by hand as they're doing now). Give the Poppy Farmers an alternative livelihood.

    'The Great Game' - it still is......... and will be for some time yet I fear.

  8. Don't forget the usual Western bias - we see someone drinking out of a muddy tap, living 20 to a room without mattresses, and we immediately think that these people are deprived and poor, and that we should throw money at the problem. So, we end up with Live Aid style gestures, lots of aid agencies swooping in to educate the natives. What is actually required is long term investmnent in education and training for these people (whether military or civilian). If they become dependant on western handouts (eg like Bosnia) then they will always be dependant on us. If we teach them to be self sufficient, with the odd bit of cash handed out here and there, they (and us) will reap the benefits long term.
  9. And they all want a Goverment like ours.................... NOT