Afghan Militants Making Deadlier Bombs

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Skynet, Feb 3, 2010.

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  1. Afghan Militants 'Making Deadlier Bombs'
    6:50am UK, Wednesday February 03, 2010

    Alex Crawford, Asia correspondent

    Militants in Afghanistan appear to have developed new, more sophisticated and more powerful roadside bombs.

    Sky News has gained access to underground bomb-making cells and seen first-hand how the militants seem to be creating more devastating ways to kill and maim international troops in the country.

    In Wardak Province, Sky was shown a stockpile of bombs, primed and ready for use, whilst peace talks with the Taliban-led insurgency remain in their infancy.

    At least 10kgs of explosives had been packed into a group of jerry cans. They each had their own black box with individual frequency codes plus an antenna.

    Commander 'Kamran'
    But rather than using mobile phones to trigger the explosives - as so often done in the past - these bombs are deusing a device similar to a radio scanner.
  2. So, they've been shown some jerry cans with plastic boxes taped on, doesn't make them IED's.
  3. Can we recruit some reporters into the J2 cells please? We've been looking for these bombmakers for years with millions of pounds-worth of ISTAR assets and nothing. yet old john simpson and co seem to be able to trace and infiltrate at will!!!
  4. Seconded. Another reason why I hate farkin' journo's.
  5. Having watched that group of mong taliban on Dispatches ch4, it is fcking amazing that the thick gits dont blow themselves away more often ,the more disturbing thing was that the bloody boxheads who " control" the area rarely patrol, so this group of bombers come and go as they please.
    Ok it was obviously set up to publicise the taliban, but on that showing ,how the hell are they getting away with causing so much mayhem, without local politicos turning a blind eye ?

    Mind you as the Brighton bombers said" We only need to get lucky some of the time"