Afghan Medal "Qualifying for Rosette"

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by VicMackey, Feb 27, 2006.

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  1. I have recently been presented with my OSM Afghanistan but it came with a Rosette, does anyone know the qualifying dates for wearing the rosette, as I wouldn't want to wear it if I am not entitled!

  2. it goes on the ribbon that is on your no2's you dont actually wear it on the medal
  3. Balldrick,

    Why wear a rosette on the medal ribbon (on No 2's) only and not on the medal ribbon attached to the medal also? I have the Falkland Medal, took part in the campaign and wear a rosette on both (and minatures). I think what VicMackey is worried about is that it has been sent to him in error (I know it is hard to imagine the medal office to make a mistake!), he wears it when not entitled to do so and then gets a roasting for his troubles.
  4. the rosette usually signifies a clasp (with the exception of the South Atlantic Medal), the clasp is worn on the medal ribbon and the rosette on the ribbon bar to signify the clasp.

    Operational Service medal with clasp inscribed 'AFGHANISTAN'.
    Qualifying Criteria
    Medal with clasp
    Zone 1. 21 days continuous service between 11/9/2001 and 28/2/2002 or 30 continuous service for service commencing after 01/03/2002
    Operations Bleed, Determ, Scow, Damien or Larva. 5 days continuous service in Zone 1 between 11/9/2001 and 28/2/2002 or one air sortie (take off and land) in Afghanistan between 11/9/2001 and 28/2/2002 for CH47 Chinook or C130 Hercules Aircrew only or 21 days continuous service commencing on or after 1/3/2002.
    Medal without clasp
    Zone 2. 21 days continuous service in Zone 2 between 11/9/2001 and 28/2/2002 or 30 days continuous services for service commencing on or after 1/3/2002.
    Operations Bleed, Determ, Scow, Damien or Larva. 14 days continuous service in zone 2 between 11/9/2001 and 28/2/2002 or 21 days continuous service for service commencing on or after 1/3/2002.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  5. So if I am reading this right as long as I served in zone 1 (Which I will take as including Kabul) I am entitled to wear the rosette, on my ribbon, and I have the correct medal (with the Afghanistan Bar). Thanks all.

  6. You have the clasp on the medal its self. This shows you served in Zone 1 and weren't swanning, getting a freebe. The rosette is to show that you were in Zone 1 when you are not wearing medals on your 2's eg in the mess or are waiting for the medal to arrive.
  7. How long did it take to get it? I was in kandahar for 4 months last fall, and as I'll be signing off this year, would like to receive it before I leave the army! Also, what zone was kandahar? just out of curiousity that last question.
  8. I was in Afganistan from April 02 - July 02 and I got my medal in 2004. I was doing Op Fingal so I don't know about the new ops that are happening mean you qualify for the medal. I should imagine you do, speak to your SSA.
  9. Of course he will receive it though no bar or rosette will come with the OSM.
  10. would this be correct then? medal query.jpg
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  11. as those medals now belong to an ex serviceman he can nail whatever he want's onto em
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  12. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    The South Atlantic Medal was unique I that it was awarded to anyone involved in the operation (Corporate) although some driving four tonners to Marchwood and back didn't get it whilst some sat in ops rooms did. The rosette signifies service within the TEZ (total exclusion zone) and therefore the equivalent of recognition for service in an area of active service/conflict. This is because on awarding the SAM it was realised that there was no way of differentiating between those who served inside the TEZ and those who didn't!
  13. It's a nice pink velvet cushion that it's presented on though.