Afghan Kit - Poss. Bastion


Of to Afghan in March, just trying to find out what bits of kit people reccomend to make life a bit more bearable. I've got the usual squaddie kit, softies etc. Looking to find out from people that have been out there what they feel is good to take out. Solar showers were the Telic thing, what is the Herrick thing apart from loads of rounds and body armour!!

Cheers guys,


Wet wipes - lots of them.
Foot powder
Bin the solar shower - you don't need it and there isn't enough spare water once you are out of camp.
Decent boots - Lowa worked well.
It will be warming up from march....don't pack too much cold weather kit.
Hammocks are useful if you are working with vehicles as are camp cots.
Radio - Long wave or whatever it is you need to get the BBC in the middle of nowhere.
Something to give/ show the locals.
PM me if you have any other questions.
PS - You are going to Afghanistan, not Afghan.

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