Afghan Interpreters - let them in the UK? (Poll)

Should Afghans who worked for the British be allowed to live in the UK?

  • Yes - they risked their lives for us - let them, and their families in

    Votes: 58 32.8%
  • Maybe - those who can prove intimidation should be allowed to the UK

    Votes: 28 15.8%
  • No - give them support to stay and build up their own Country

    Votes: 28 15.8%
  • No - they knew the risks, took the money, and are trying it on via UK Lawyers and gullible Brits

    Votes: 63 35.6%

  • Total voters
Without distracting from the primary issue the UK has a severe housing shortage and a waiting list beyond belief.

I'd like to see the stats of how many Iraqi interpreters have been given permission to stay in the UK too.
I think whole new realms of intimidation and potential redress would come into play were several thousand Afghans and families, who had actively assisted our forces, came to our country.

Wouldn't go down to well at many local mosques would it? A few PC-minded heads would probably explode at the dilemma presented!
I say no - Afghans are all ****s, irrespective of which side they are on. We could definitely do without them in the UK and they got paid handsomely enough for something they knew the risks of doing. We should pull out now, not giving a **** what happens to the shit-hole over there, on the proviso that the next time terrorist training camps appear, we will bomb the **** out of the country without wasting another British life on the ground ever again.

Shithole full of ****s.
Didn't we make a rod for our own backs by allowing Gurkhas to live and work here? I'd like each case judged on its merits. For every one allowed in I would deny access to applicants from countries neighbouring Afghanistan.
Gurkas serverd Our country, unlike Terp's who were after a massive increase in $ from the local pop, case presendent, from now on, every shithole we go to the cleaners, terps, chef's will be wanting a ride to UK because they know we will let them in

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