Afghan hunger strikers in Dublin

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by space_commander, May 15, 2006.

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  1. [​IMG]

    Better dig in for a long one...the chap on the left looks like he could hang in for quite a while!
  2. The feckers can't even spell!
    The Government has denied them asylum. Time for the Gardai to get stuck in me thinks ;)
  3. in_the_cheapseats

    in_the_cheapseats LE Moderator

    Send them all back to that free and untroubled land. Sodding freeloaders
  4. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    WTF would a Muslim eat/drink in Dublin anyway? The idea of anyone there not eating bacon/ham/pork at least four times a week is utterly ridiculous (Try being a veggy there somet time!).

    And of course no Guinness.

    Silly beggars - anyway, Afghanistan is nice and peaceful now, isn't it :)
  5. It doesn't say how they got there...

    Now if they had - lets say - hijacked an airliner and got flown there - they would have a seemingly strong case for remaining.

    My money's on the fat bloke to be last man standing.
  6. Just 33..........shame.
    There's a few hijacking ba*stards in this country I could add to the list........
  7. Have they claimed sanctuary in St Pat's? That could cause problems...
  8. Can you still claim sanctuary in a church? It's hardly along the lines of an embassy, with the church counting as "vatican" soil. Would could come up with a solution; recommission the gunboat Helga, float it up the Liffey, and blast the fu ckers out!

    You can imagine the scene prior to this whole palaver.

    30 Afghan refugees; "Hi there, we'd like to claim asylum in this fine country"
    Office of the Refugee Applications Commission; "Computer says no"
    30 Afghan refugees; "Ok, we'll just take a quick trip to St. Pats on the way to the airport then, won't be a minute!"

    I have no issues with people claiming asylum legitimately. But when you're turned down it's usually for a good reason. You can't just go and take over a cathedral and go on hunger strike because you don't like the results. I'm sure if they'd applied for economic migrant status (Ireland needs stacks of these to keep the celtic tiger ticking over) they probably would have been accepted. It's false claimants that turn the tide of public opinion against genuine refugees who actually require assistance, and potentially give right-wing groups fuel.
  9. Even though officially the concept of sanctuary was removed from the books in the UK in the 1600's (fairly sure it was James I/VI, and his heathen protestant ways that got rid of this fine papal tradition :wink: ), you still get the occasional case. There was a South American family in North London about ten years ago that did it, and ended up staying in the Church for a couple of years. I'm fairly sure that there was a limit on how long the Church had to feed you for (40 odd days - something like that?) but the priest broke the rules on it. It was fairly big in the local news.

    As for Ireland needing large amounts of economic migrants, did you not see all of the protests before Xmas in Dublin?
  10. St Pats is I believe a Church of Ireland establishment, so I dont think Papal Laws are a major factor here.
  11. Yes St. Patricks is CoI. Well worth a visit if you are ever in Dublin. Many of the old colours of the old Irish Regiments still hang there.
  12. Heard the Bishop's PR guy on the radio earlier. Apparently the church will not be seeking to get them removed by the Gardai (Police). If they're muslims should they not be seeking sanctuary in a mosque. I mean what have the CoI got to do with them. Surely if they're gonna be deported the police can just go in and grab them?
  13. :D pmsl :D

    Wait it gets better

    17:19 More join asylum seekers on hunger strike
  14. Fcuk it, we'll take em. All they need to do is get to the airport, jump on the Ryan Air flight for Stansted and hijack it then tell the pilot to fly it to erm.....Stansted. They'll be in a nice 4 bed detached by the end of the week, getting a nice foot massage from Red Ken.
  15. Priests not finished with the kiddies yet, presumably...