Afghan hijackers, good blokes really?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Strait_Jacket, May 10, 2006.

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  1. Does this mean they can't be prosecuted for the hijack, jailed (at UK taxpayers expense) and THEN deported under the new guidelines that the chopper Clarke introduced before he got the heave-ho?
  2. Another fine example of British justice and the well oiled wheels of the Home Office in motion............. :x
  3. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    But they can't be allowed to stay! The government said they wouldn't:

    "UK Home Secretary Jack Straw has told MPs that the hostages released from the hijacking at Stansted airport will be told to leave as quickly as possible."

    "We will respond resolutely to any attempts like this to use terrorist methods, whether the aim is to advance a political cause or to benefit the individuals concerned.

    Glad to see that nothing has changed, then.
  4. Not that our beloved government would lie to us/ ignore previous promises :evil:

    Our government is a disgrace. When will they realise that their actions (or frequently there inactions) fly in the face of what the majority of law abiding UK citizens want.

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  5. Im sure the Govt did tell them to leave as quickly as possible - they didn't say they would make them leave as quickly as possible.
  6. How do you think we'll fare under Cameron? He's obviously the next Prime Minister.
  7. Well, the EU has poked its big nose in and said we can't deport the poor chaps...even though the Taliban regime they fled from has been routed by the 'forces for good'. Surely if the people they are fleeing have been done away with they SHOULD be able to go back to the homeland they SHOULD be trying to get back to?

    Are they real refugees, scroungers or just people with bad family values who don't want to go back to their missus?
  8. Wouldn't it have been a shame if they resisted as the plane was initially stormed. A few rounds of 9mm expended, a few less terrorists in the world and none of this fuss.
  9. I cannot believe how the judge came to that decision. Perhaps they should be holed up round his home or area since he (Justice Sullivan?) think they've been so violated. Probably one of the very very few times where I agree with the stance of Blair and the Sun's front newspaper on an issue.
  10. As a White/English (Ethnic Background) person. Should I Hi-Jack a civil airliner, Force the pilots, at gunpoint, to land in the Seychelles (Great Beaches) would I get away with it?


    I cannot see, what possible reason Justice Sullivan thinks he can use to justify keeping these people in this country so that the taxpayer has to support them.
  11. Hopefully the next Hi Jacked jet heading our way will be brought down via Sidewinder. Would save the taxpayer the £10 Million legal fees these terrorists have had at our expense. Next time you hear of someone being denied drugs for cancer, next time you hear the the 7/7 bombers weren't watched due to lack of recources, next time you cant get body armour or ammo because of budget cuts, just remember that money is a drop in the ocean compared to whats being spent on other "Asylum" seekers..
  12. My take:

    The article said that their conviction for hijacking, etc were overturned. Meaning that they have not been convicted of hijacking (or whatever offence that would be).

    If they have not been convicted of a crime, then their alleged actions should not be held against them. It should be irrelevent in deciding whether or not to deport them. The issue then is whether or not they will be in mortal danger if the UK deport them to Afghanistan. Apparently the court found that to be so. Hence, non-deportation can be justified.
  13. BOLLOX!

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  14. BBC reported this last night as "not being charged with Hijacking due to technicalities" - but didn't say any more, does anyone know what the technicality was?

    I'm figuring Essex Police lost the evidence; "No, honest Sarge, there was a 737 there, before I went for coffee!"