Afghan...Forget's the Fatties in for it...

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by jack-daniels, Jun 2, 2011.

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  1. There's some quality letter writing going on in Soldier mag these days!
    Love the bit about directing fatties to the salad counter!!


    A LOT has been said in the letter pages of this superb magazine about dress in Afghanistan and while it is always going to be an emotive issue with the “guys on the ground” versus the “powers that be”, I feel it is masking the real issue of obesity and a lack of fitness in theatre.

    I was shocked to see overweight soldiers queuing for the cookhouse at Bastion who would quite clearly fail a physical or combat fitness test.

    Rather than having a lieutenant colonel or garrison sergeant major (complete with pace stick) stood at the door of the cookhouse turning people away for not wearing issued boots, a unit PTI or member of the RAPTC should be directing overweight soldiers to the healthy-eating hotplate and arranging for them to attend PT sessions in the newly-built and fantastically-equipped gymnasium.

    I suppose one positive of the presence of overweight personnel is that is provides evidence of decent food! – Name and address supplied.
  2. Stand by for all the pics of the Pantry Monsters in theatre
  3. One of the better posts that has appeared in a long time.

    It is however difficult to address as the problem is so widespread.

    'Fat Cunts', a term I love and apply whenever possible in my day to day life, are sneaky fuckers by nature too, they are nowhere to be seen when all are lined up at a pre yomp/tab weigh in but who then miraculously appear when its a Wednesday afternoon of 5 'a' side followed by a few beers.

    If your fat because of your lifestyle and struggle to physically perform as a soldier (under the pretext that your a soldier first) you need to be handed an envelope with a doctors appointment in it, a progress chart, a 6 month bender in written form and a four weekly appointment at the Unit Gym with all the other fat cunts on top of your PT.

    Same applies to the roid heads who are fucking huge but struggle to complete a bit of unit PT.

    Would have loved to see the shithouses being shown the door to free up space for the thrusters.
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  4. HOW do they stay fat in that heat??
  5. Is that in the June edition? I cant find it, there is the traditional complaint about being ordered to buy something (a T-shirt), A letter from a dog lover (Surprisingly an officer) and someone putting the boot in even further about the cost (cash and human) of getting fuel to bastion just to iron kit.

    Soldier - Magazine of the British army

    Edit just seen it. Can't wait for the usual suspects to defend these fat bastards.
  6. They work in air conned offices and sleep in air conned tents which means they never acclimatise and sweat buckets waddling round camp.
  7. Cant these cunts be binned for salad dodging as its part of your contract of employ to be able to complete alloted fitness tests ??
  8. Funny you should say that!! From the same issue:

    Skip the supplements on Op Massive

    I AM writing as both a commander on operations and as a qualified chemist to highlight what is an increasing concern within the Armed Forces – the use of workout supplements.

    Such products are big business and are more popular than ever among British Service personnel, especially when deployed in Helmand province where going to the gym is daily routine and “Op Massive” is commonplace.

    While most supplements are pretty harmless and merely provide the user with the extra nutrients needed to build muscle or salts needed to replenish body fluids, it is the pre-workout stimulants and thermogenic fat-burning products that I wish to highlight.

    This range is developing at a rapid pace, with new compounds available on a regular basis. All are widely promoted within magazines and available through the BFPO system.

    Pre-workout formulas are designed to give the user a legal “high” in order to promote increased results in the gym.

    Most are based around a very high caffeine content, however, contain other ingredients designed to interact with the central nervous system.

    In addition to the active contents, most of these products are filled out with a magnesium-based compound which has no positive effect, but can cause gastrointestinal issues.

    Common side-effects of taking these stimulants include insomnia, mood changes and a diuretic impact which can lead to dehydration. On top of this there is the potential to develop a dependency.

    Thermogenic fat burners are another commonly promoted product. They are designed to raise the core temperature of the user’s body in order to increase metabolism and hence burn more calories.

    This is fine when the user is in a controlled environment, however, not something to be taking for the first time in a heat-stress environment such as southern Afghanistan where the body is put under other external pressures and strenuous activity.

    While these products are not illegal, they do have an effect on the body which will differ from person to person and should be approached with relative caution by first-time users.

    This letter is merely to highlight a potential problem, especially as we head into the Afghan summer. – Capt I Burns, British Embassy Kabul.

    I think that eventually we'll have an Army of skeletons like in Jason and the Argonauts but these skeletons will be the smartest dressed in theatre!
    If fuckin' only.
    A laminated biff chit is your get out of everything free card.
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  10. Great thread.

    It seems to me that although this is very much a problem for the chain of command to wrangle with, it is also very much a socio-cultural issue. Rather that consume so much emotional capital outing Walts or whatever, we ought perhaps spend more time 'encouraging' soldiers of all ranks to address their obvious and all-too-easily addressed shortcomings at a social level.

    I'm reminded of professional cyclists who claim to have 'never failed a drugs test' in response to doping questions. It is not enough to have not failed a PT test, there's no place for fatties in this army, now or at any time.

    In the 80s we had a culture where news of a soldier posted into a unit was immediately accompanied by information regarding his BFT time etc. Basic standards of fitness, and dress for that matter, was a matter for very public consumption. In the meantime, what has happened? Many soldiers I am acquainted with within my joint working environment, whilst maintaining a good standard of personal fitness, have not actually been required to complete a fitness test in several years. Contrast this with RN and RAF colleagues who regularly travel to far away military units to conduct theirs.

    Where policy is failing, it is a leadership issue; not one that should be processed by the chain of command but a thread that should run through the fabric of military life. Responsibility for fitness lies with both individuals and officers at all levels, commissioned or otherwise. Lets get a grip. Instead of moaning about the fatties we see, we should ask ourselves as leaders, what are we doing about it...
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  11. The irony is that came from a stacker :biggrin:
  12. A stacker who detests fat fucking lard arses.
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  13. What are you suggesting the army should do? How many OCs want to get their soldiers into their office to tell them they are fat (How many OCs are a bit pudgy themselves?
    The reward for being fit is getting spanked with all the exercises/PT/tours, the reward for being a fat cunt is to either avoid them or at least get an easier version.
  14. Bring back bullying, I mean constructive peer pressure.
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  15. Good idea but what happens if they are part of the majority and are spread across the CoC? You might end up with a situation where thin people are held down and have pies forced down their throat, Gym equipment destroyed, Salad bars getting burnt out etc etc.
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