Afghan First Tour - Some NIG Questions

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by REMFQuestions, Feb 19, 2010.

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  1. OK. My first post so here goes.

    I am office-based CSS usually but have just been warned off for a tour starting sharpish. Basically I am embedding with an Inf Coy in a FOB and will be patrolling and such like. Spending a lot of time in the Green Zone I have been told. Good fun. :)

    Now the questions, since I have never even wore Osprey before.

    1. Is belt kit better than a chest rig? I see a lot of posts about Molle etc.

    2. Life in the FOB, I am not expecting laptop chargers etc but is there any little items I can take to make life easier?

    3. Any bits of kit I should buy to make patrolling/tabbing easier or is the new issue all you need? Knee Pads for instance or gloves.

    4. Contact lenses. I wear em, disposable dailies. Anyone else do this or do I need my Joe 90 gigs on?

    This isn't a WAH, it's my first time and I just want to know the opinions of guys who have been there and done it when I have not been anywhere even near it. I am more f*cking nervous about looking a mong than actually going to Herrick!! :D

    Cheers all.
  2. Do you know what FOB?
  3. No not yet - will no more in a fortnight but a few have been touted. Check PM.
  4. In my experience;
    You can forget packing loads of kit into webbing to go on patrol as folks tend to on Ex in the UK. You will be carrying minimal kit as you will have Osprey, water, ammo and it is likely that you will be carrying 'other' bits of kit on your back. All this tripe about boot cleaning kits and spare socks- forget it. A man bag is good for veh based ops, otherwise most bits will be attached direct to your BA.
    Contact lenses- I wore them for my whole time and had no problems but daily disposables are the way to go owing to the risk of infection. Take your specs and get the inserts for your issue sunnies/ goggles.
    Before you splash out on kit i would wait to see what you get issued ie you will get gloves and knee pads (which are now better than the old ones)
  5. Just read your PM and I wonder if this has come about due to the recomendations that happend when a mini-audit was carried out on Herrick 8. I've mentioned it before on other threads about freeing up more of the infantry. There were clerks in all the FOBs I went to, I don't know if they went out on patrol with the infantry I certainly wasnt allowed out of the front gates due to being nowhere near the standard required. If you havn't done any training with the infantry I doubt you will be let out either.
  6. Appreciated 762 - that's pretty much all I needed to know.

    Issued lenses for the ballistic sunglasses? I will ask my QM for them to.
  7. That should have been sorted out a long, long time ago mate, you shouldn't need to ask for it now!
  8. I just found out yesterday I am going.
  9. No worries, you will need a copy of your prescription handy.

    To expand a bit- I bought a set of molle type webbing designed to go under Osprey and it accepted the pouches you get issued with the assault vest. It was a great bit of kit, but after the first few patrols It was only used to carry A2 mags and phos. I didnt like too much on my Osprey, just a torch, leatherman, Sig and med pouch.
  10. The pouches can be detached from the issued Chest Rig?

    Sounds better than the DPM one I had issued a while back.
  11. I can recommend packing a hammock to make life easier. In the summer you will sweat like a pig on a camp cot. I got a Gelert one for about £5 or £10, much nicer if resting in the day.
    I took to smoking a pipe too, to pass the time. Cherry and vanilla was the prefered baccy. But that is personal choice.
  12. 762 if I get to camp and unfurl my hammock...I can see it now..

    "What the F*CK is that!!!"
    "It's a hammock boss.."
    "This isn't the Maldives son - get your roll mat on the deck and like it"
  13. Staker1; this must have a changed a bit then since Telic also as we had clerks & other attached arms with us on mobile/eagle & ft patrols regulary quite often :?

    that was back in 2003 & I fully understand circumstances change continuously.
  14. Quick question,

    Next PWRR tour date for Afghanistan...??
  15. I was there as well (out of my depth) but that might have been needs be, if the attached arms were trained up then I don't suppose there would be much of a problem anyway.
    I asked to be a stretcher bearer (a job that no longer exists) for the Royal Irish on Herrick 8, after they stopped laughing they politely pointed out I would be a massive liability as they would have no idea what my drills were like, they did offer to train me up but I was only paying a flying visit not based there.