Afghan fiasco has the Brits squirm

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Skynet, Aug 24, 2009.

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  1. Afghan fiasco has the Brits squirm
    Colin Todhunter

    In the United Kingdom, public pressure is building for the troops to get out of Afghanistan.

    Ever heard of a place called Wootten Bassett? No, neither had I until recently. Wootton Bassett has a long history, but few people in the UK had heard of it till a few months ago.

    Now, it’s well and truly on the map, due to regular coverage of events there by the British media. This sleepy, picturesque market town in the south of England has become synonymous with the UK’s involvement in the war in Afghanistan.

    The sight on British TV screens of dead service personnel arriving by plane from the conflict in Afghanistan has become a common phenomenon. Shortly after arrival at the nearby air force base at RAF Lynham, they pass through Wootten Bassett on their way to John Radcliffe Hospital in Oxford, in readiness for the coroner.

    Local people gather along the edge of the road in silent tribute as the formal procession of flag draped coffins makes its way past. The mainstream media also gather and report on proceedings. With over 200 dead British service personnel from the conflict, this has in recent months become a familiar event.

    We are urged by the government and media not to forget that these men were killed fighting for freedom — ‘our’ freedom and that of the people of Afghanistan. The solemnity conveyed by TV reporters as the coffins move through the town resembles the tone used by commentators when the state commemorates the fallen of two world wars who repelled Hitler.
  2. Command_doh

    Command_doh LE Book Reviewer

    We need to get the fcuk out of there sharpish. It's our own unwinnable Vietnam.
  3. The sight of the flag draped coffines merely hardens our resolve to defeat the enemy, be it the government, or the The Taliban.
  4. The Deccan Herald's view of the UK is about as accurate as our own media's view of Bangalore.
  5. Agreed.

    "Colin Todhunter" wrote this for the Deccan Herald Deccan Herald This is an English Language newspaper based in the Indian state of Karnataka.

    According to the Indian Readership Survey (Round One) 2008, The Deccan Herald has a readership of 500,000. Wikipedia

    Although the author of this piece has supposedly not, I would suggest that the vast majority of the users on this site heard about Wooton Bassett a very long time ago.

    I am not squirming as the paper reports, and I know my service pals are not either, sure it's sad, but we are a stoic bunch and the editors of this very small circulating foreign newspaper should be informed of that.

    They couldn't even be arssed to get the spelling of Wootton Bassett correct either FFS.

    Not newsworthy to me I am afraid and not a paper I shall be subscribing to.
  6. "It's our own unwinnable Vietnam."

    "The sight of the flag draped coffines merely hardens our resolve to defeat the enemy, be it the government, or the The Taliban."

    Does anyone know just WHO the troops are supposed to be defeating ?
    I thought they started off with El Fred then the Taliban, now ?
  7. From Colin Todhunter's bolg ( )...which explains the tone of his article:

  8. Just been flicking through some of the stuff on his website.

    He is not too impressed with this old country and spends most of his time in India.

    He also comes across as a n*b, writing about stuff he knows jack all about and pretentiously labelling it under "Social Comment"
  9. That article is utter bollox

    Wootten Bassett is certainly not picturesque
  10. No! The only reason it may be unwinable is down to politics. If we put adequate resources in, we can win. It would take political resolve though, so maybe it is a waste of time and effort. Gordon is a moron.
  11. Bit off topic, sorry.....

    Reminded me of the Jilted John track.