Afghan Elections

So it was all a rigup, and Hamid Al Kharzi (trans: The Toilet ) has been shown to be a slithery cheating cur. Lots of red faces in Washington, I'm sure, but what was that old saying ' By your friends you shall be known' or something? Wonder who he was getting advice from? Uncle Sam seems to have a prisctine record for election rigging ( Florida passim ) some third world poppy-growers to get it wrong, tsk.
I could have predicted the outcome, from following the tales of corruption within the country. The question is what now ?

Send in more troops and support the government, which is now widely known to be corrupt ?

I think it would be more productive to leave and pay the Taliban film star wages to live in comfort and hang up their AK47's

Obama can at least truthfully say he reached a negotiated settlement.
Pres.Karzai demonstrated exceptional results in fraudulent voting. But it is not a record.

Moron Putin outperformed him

The YABLOKO (the Apple) is a liberal party in Russia with not huge but significant support, especially in big cities.

An obvious fraud of the results of the voting on October 11, 2009, showed to the Russian society and the entire world that the institute of democratic elections was virtually demolished in Russia.

Instead of lawful elections the country saw that the law was defeated by a group of persons who used their administrative and political resource for illegitimate seizure of power.
The protocol of voting of local electoral commission No 192 of Khamovniki district, Moscow, showed that the electorate did not give a single vote for YABLOKO at the polling station where Sergei Mitrokhin and his family voted.
Mr.Mitrokhin is a leader of YABLOKO.

Sergei Mitrokhin also noted that YABLOKO received 18% at the polling station where Prime Minister Vladimir Putin voted. “Naturally, no one dared to falsify anything there, however, these two Moscow districts hardly differ as of the structure of their electorate,” Mitrokhin added.

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