afghan doss bag

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by TG14, Jan 30, 2010.

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  1. is the issue 2 piece doss bag adequate enough for a winter tour of afghan? also is the issue blow up mat as good as a therma-rest?
  2. 1) If you mean the issue bouncing bomb, then yes - you'll be toasty. I used a Softee 9, which is less warm, but was in Garmsir on H9 where it didn't get too cold.

    2) I had no dramas with the issue inflatable roll-mat, but i'm a short arse & again, it didn't get too cold where I was.


  3. If you are talking about the lightweight issued bag, that comes with a liner, then the answer is no. The roll mat is fine, but like Timbe I'm a short arse to.
  4. i believe its a warm weather bag that zips into another for cold weather use, unless someone has been giving me duff info?
  5. If it is the Zip in type, it should be pretty good - i think it's part of the new PECOC (Don't know the spelling, sorry) system, and the issue kit is pretty good now, if sometimes a bit bulky.

  6. Them issue inflatable mats sometimes go weird. The glue inside seems to come apart over time and you can end up with massive bubbles. I ended up starting a retro trend by reverting back to the issued roll mat which is quicker to set out and put away and to be honest not much difference in comfort in my humble opinion.
  7. Try this lot if you want to buy a mat - the Fat Airic is a bit bulky but V thick. Their other kit, like the dry bags and ally spoons etc, is really top notch:

  8. good bit of kit, have used one myself. good post.
  9. Yes, good post Hinecap, take yesterday off.
  10. Be fair, you could've given him last Monday off - no one likes Mondays.