Afghan crash Nimrod should never have flown, RAF chief admit

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Skynet, May 15, 2008.

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  1. Afghan crash Nimrod should never have flown, RAF chief admits
    May 14 2008

    A SPY plane which blew up in Afghanistan killing 14 men should not have been cleared to fly, an RAF chief admitted yesterday.

    Air Commodore George Baber told the inquest into the deaths of the servicemen on the Nimrod plane that the hazard which caused the explosion should have been tackled earlier.

    He revealed it had been identified by the RAF and BAE in 2004, two years before the disaster.
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  2. Who if any will fall on their swords for one I suspect
  3. I suppose that when Broon and Govt ministers go to war zones for their photo opportunities, they travel by RAF aircraft.
  4. Hindsights a wonderful thing.
  5. You are right. It is quite reasonable to identify a serious fault in anything mechanised and not repair it for two years.
  6. And the chances of it happening were assessed as 'improbable'.
  7. Would you drive your car with a fuel leak?
  8. Probably not, but then again i don't fly in planes that do, nor fix them. Maybe planes leak fuel all the time? I don't know. People far more knowledgeable in plane fixing decided it was improbable that it was a risk. Hence hindsight.
  9. ...and so is ragging the frame so much you have no time to do deep maintenance whilst reducing the amount of crews that fly it whilst reducing the number of ground engineers to maintain them whilst taking on more responsbilities whilst operating in 2 of the friendliest areas of the world with a limited number of frames that are nearly 50 years old.

    It could have happened many times.
  10. My original point was that if the people who hold the purse strings and controlled maintenance had to fly in them, then perhaps maintenance would be improved.

  11. The PPruNe thread is well woth going through. Couple of examples:

    "The testimony (as reported) makes it clear they DID know, in that the hazard was identified and probability of occurrence graded “improbable”. That grading may in hindsight be an error of judgement (although not necessarily so, despite the Air Cdre’s admission) but that doesn’t detract from the inescapable fact that every Risk Matrix in various MoD publications says that “improbable” coupled with a Severity of Harm of “catastrophic” or “critical” equals a safety risk which MUST be reduced to ALARP.

    If the Severity of Harm wasn’t classified “catastrophic” or “critical”, but “marginal”, this would produce a Class D and “broadly acceptable” risk. Given the outcome of the hazard was fire and/or explosion, who on earth would classify a fire and/or explosion as “marginal” severity? That’s insane. (Just as CDP’s ruling that airworthiness and safety were optional was insane). "

    "The MoD’s attitude towards people with such delegated authority was bizarre. I recall our Director ranting at a Directorate meeting (my only experience of an entire Directorate being gathered together) and shouting at us that we were the “rump end of MoD(PE)” and good riddance, we were being transferred to the RAF. Then the new boss, an Air Cdre, visited us and made it clear he would not tolerate our insubordination and henceforth all technical grades would be subservient to admin grades. That would sort us out. Meet the new boss, same as the old boss (as Pete would say). But we weren’t fooled again and when we didn’t comply, he bitched to the AVM who promptly threatened the “worst” offenders with the sack. Note – “Worst” in the sense that these were the people prepared to fight for airworthiness and safety. "
  12. I'm sure the admission that the aircraft should never have flown will come as great comfort to those who lost friends or loved ones in the accident.

    Another victory to the MOD bean-counters?
  13. oldbaldy

    oldbaldy LE Moderator Good Egg (charities)
    1. Battlefield Tours

    And should never have been passed as airworthy in 1968!

    The Herald
  14. Stonker

    Stonker On ROPs

    Let's not forget that RAF senior officers quite improperly overruled a BoI conclusion, and blamed pilot error for the Mull of Kintyre helicopter crash, before retiring - and becoming effectively untouchable.

    That (taken with this latest news) says something deeply disturbing about the underlying culture of leadership in the RAF, and in the MoD.