Afghan civpop on SPTA

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by Victorian_Major, Nov 14, 2011.

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  1. I periodically go running up on SPTA and in recent months its been common to see Afghan civpop dotted about the place, as well as fake compounds, etc etc.

    Yesterday we went for a walk in the morning in lieu of going to church, our two toddlers would have gaily screamed through the Remembrance service, so we went up on the Plain and some helpful garrison kindly marked the silence with a gun so we knew when to pause and pay our respects. It was a beautiful day up there.

    Continuing the walk through Beaches Barn I was surprised to see five or six utterly listless civpop sitting around one of the hescos. It was a chilly day and they did manage a cheery wave, but my wife quickened her pace and we didn't stay.

    Do these poor buggers live up there day in, day out? Nobody can have been exercising, so I'm intrigued. There's nothing up there, no amenity, the buildings are all knackered (particularly the blockhouse I used to land on) so it must be an existence that rivals Helmand. I remember the token Bosnians up at Copehill but they weren't resident - just trucked out for serials. Are the SPTA Afghans being released onto the Plain like the Bustard, in the hope that they'll breed?
  2. Afghan CIVPOP or Sangatte excapees..?
  3. There is someone exercising up there.
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  4. Perhaps. But nobody exercises on 11/11 if they can help it. And nobody was. So do these people just get dumped up there for a season?

    If one of them was Afghan_Khandak, i'd have pooped over to give him a swift shoeing.
  5. It was the recce element of Dale farm 2 you saw
  6. When did this occur? Thankfully I haven't been on Exercise for a while but in my younger days I remember spending a few 11/11s on Exercise. Including two memorable ones being brought back in for Church Parade to the nearest camp, which just happened to be a German Army one.
  7. I was instructing on watermanship one year and we had a two min silence in the middle of the lake.
  8. Trust me there's a BG on exercise down there at the mo - most my squadron are down there supporting them
  9. Somebody was. It is one of the Royal Welsh Battalions. The ones with the hackles. Also a Gurkha company with assorted fire support elements
  10. So,my plan to release breeding pairs of grizzly bear on to SPTA and Barry Buddon would not be so far fetched after all.................
  11. I believe they are there for hunting by senior officers.
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  12. That was never my intention.I always envisioned the shock and surprise of "TONY BLAIR" walking in the British countryside confronted by a savage,unexpected predator