Afghan civilian deaths

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by pp0470, May 29, 2011.

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  1. Time to review our tactics techniques and procedures? Again.

    I know insurgent forces are responsible for more civilian deaths than the coalition, but from a propoganda point of view I don't think that matters.

    How many more insurgents / rogue ANP due to the 2 incidents above? I'll start the sweep stake with 300+ more insurents and 10 rogue ANP.

    BBC News - Nato air strike 'kills 14 civilians' in Afghanistan
  2. Last time we went mad on courageous restraint many more soldiers died and were seriously injured which shouldn't have been the case if we didn't pussy foot around corrupt Karzai. The best we can hope for is to hand over to the ANSF as soon as possible and once the taliban smash them within a few months, pull out and forget Afghanistan ever existed.

    **** 'em.
  3. Agree with bold 100% but don't think we should forget Afgan3, or we might end up going back in a few years thinking '4th time lucky?'
  4. A succinct summary that matches my feelings exactly.
  5. There is no '****-em' any more though is there. Apparently, we make humane war. A fuzzy-kind of war where only the bad guys 'get it', and we wear the white hats that signify us as the goodies, sans the old cowboy films we watched as kids... The baddies always wore black.

    It's no good having 'smart' weapons that can target a single house in a row, enter through the conservatory window after knocking politely, then explode in the kitchen where the mess of blood and snot can easily be shifted from wipe-clean surfaces, if it's full of women and kids at the time..
    'Smart' weapons, used in a dumb fashion, are doing no-one any good.
  6. Except the arms manufacturers - however their products are used they still get paid. The only winners in Afghan as far as I can see
  7. Pretty much.
  8. At the end of the day it's a war and no matter how smart weapons are innocent people will always be killed. For example the civvies that just cut about the place when there's a contact going on herding sheep or trying tell everyone to take it elsewhere?