Afghan Christmas Parcels - when/what to post?

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by P-Ride, Nov 1, 2010.

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  1. Hey,

    Two good friends are out on their second tour with 3PARA as we speak. I just sent them a parcel each with:

    - Magazine (Nuts/The Week/Wired)
    - Chupa Chups
    - Cigarettes/tobacco for one, cigars for another
    - Tennis Ball
    - Haribo/Wine Gums
    - Baby Wipes
    - Flash anti-bac wipes
    - Plasters

    However me (and one or two of their friends/girlfriends) would like to know when we need to post Christmas parcels, in order to reach them by 25th December. I am aware there is some ambiguity regarding distribution when they arrive - but any thoughts/knowledge/experience would be appreciated.

    Regarding presents, I'm thinking:
    - 200 cigarette-block for one, a couple of really nice cigars for the other
    - Some underwear/socks
    - Food/sweets
    - Santa Hat/Beard

    I know one LOVES millionare's shortbread (chocolate/caramel on top of biscuit) and would like to ice a giant penis on one to send him - but would this survive the journey? I'm wondering if it being winter would help.

    Any advice/ideas on what to send and what not to send would be appreciated!

    Many Thanks
  2. Willy warmers :)
  3. Why are you posting ciggies, they're dirt cheap out there??

    A litre and a half of his favourite spirit or wine will fit in five 'fruit shoot' bottles and weighs just under the magic 2 Kilo limit.

  4. He said the cigarettes out there are North Korean/Chinese and taste awful - really strong. I figured his favourite brand (Lambert & Butler) and some Golden Virginia would go down better. I remember him talking fondly of when his Officer received 200 and was 'very popular'.

    I considered the alcohol. Call me alarmist, but if there was a report on the BBC saying 'A fine young para was shot in a gunbattle today - after staggering onto the battlefield drunk' then I'd feel a little awful!
  5. I sent a friend a Baseball and he said it went down better because
    a) It didn't soak up water (half his tour it snowed)
    b) It didn't break as easily
    c) If somebody didn't catch it, it tended to hit the ground and stop, rather than bounce/roll away.
  6. Agreed, tactically a baseball is a far better choice, bit of a twat to hit with a tennis racket mind.

    Perhaps we could post you out there in an MFO box. I'm sure with you onboard it would all be over by Christmas.

    P.s you're still a ****.

    P.p.s A sheep's one.
  7. You need to get them in the post by 28th November :)
  8. As the list didn't include a pair of tennis rackets and a net, I decided that that particular element of a suitable spherical procurement was low on the priorities list.
  9. Thanks for that information! Do you mind me requesting your source?
  10. Also, can I send them out in Christmas wrapping paper - as long as the address is printed onto a clear, white label?
  11. Who's your "friend", The Cooler King?
  12. Never heard him called that before, but if he likes the name I'll tell him who came up with it.