Afghan call-up soldier disappears

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by FNUSNU, Dec 24, 2009.

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  1. From the BBC

    "A teenage British soldier due to be deployed to Afghanistan has gone missing while on holiday with his girlfriend in Tenerife, his mother said. Skip related content
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    Afghan call-up soldier disappears .Matthew Jackson, 18, vanished following a night out on the island at around 2am last Friday and has not been heard of since."
  2. Post him AWOL.
  3. Why? He's on xmas leave.
  4. When he gets back then.
  5. No shit sherlock.
  6. Post him AWOL when he gets back because his mum couldn't get hold of him on holiday? Numpty.
  7. shit he only looks like a kid !! 18 to young to go there ..............
  8. I don't want to sound too morbid but the last time he was seen was on a 12ft wall with the sea on the other side...
    It would be a bit odd for him to just disappear on an island with a few euro on him and not use his bank cards...

    I hope for his safe re-appearance however.
  9. No he's not. Why would 18 be too young? Younger soldiers have been fighting wars for thousands of years.
  10. Young guy is friend of family, his girlfriend, who was with him on holiday, is distraught and his family are worried sick. He was very proud to pass out and is not the type to go AWOL. I hope he is found safe and sound soon.
  11. What sort of comment is that!? I take it you've never served. What age do you oh wise one, recommend as the minimum? :roll:

    Bollocks! Fally beet me to it...
  12. Perhaps we should introduce a theme park style method of judging when people can go out on ops. You must be this tall to get shot at. :roll:
  13. I hope Cowell ain't reading this.Or that Lloyd Webber bloke.Singing and dancing squaddies on ice,must be able to cook,public phone votes,The Sun will sponsor the 18 week run on television prior it going live in the West End.
  14. 17 dead 18 year old men have died in recent years on our side. Not once do I remember "too young to be a soldier" quoted!
  15. Heard lad's sister on "5 Live" - he was keen to go to the Stan. There is no suggestion he was not willing to return to his unit after leave.

    Here's hoping he turns up safe, but after 5 days and as wall was near rocks , and a drop I fear the worst.