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Afghan call up for self employed

I am off to Afghanistan next autumn, but as I am self employed was wondering what I need to take up to Chilwell. No official info as yet, but have any of you any experience? There is also some financial help for when I'm away to keep the business going, as by the time I've paid for someone to do my work I will probably make a substantial loss on the next years accounts, but any claim needs to be made when I return apparently, any advice gratefully received thanks.


Book Reviewer
Or ask SaBRE - their helpline is really quite helpful, oddly enough.

And the ladies running it are, without exception, well informed, sensbile, and top totty :)

Helpline: 0800 389 5459

You will also find that there is a Regional SaBRE Campaign Director attached to each RFCA - so you could go direct to them - helping you is what they are paid to do, after all!
Jeezus!! - you had me worried then, I thought you meant they were rounding up all self employed for service. HMRC have had a downer on Self-employed for a while but I thought that was a bit drastic.

That said ther is a self employed electrician I used once who could do with a good call-up - if you know what I mean.

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