Afghan Bomb Kills Wedding-Goers On Tractor

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by singha61, Aug 6, 2009.

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  1. Skynews
    A roadside bomb has killed at least 20 people riding a tractor to a wedding in southern Afghanistan, police have said.
    Helmand provincial police chief Assadullah Sherzad said women and children were among the 21 dead and five wounded in Garmser district.
    Roadside bombs are frequently used to attack foreign and Afghan forces in the region.
    The Afghan Ministry of Defence said that the bombing on Wednesday killed at least 20 people.
  2. Where are the howls of outrage from the lefties then???? If it had been a US bomb they would have been on this like a scottish tramp on buckfast.
  3. BBC is also reporting this. In typical BBC fashion they can't bring themselves to acknowledge that this was an insurgent bomb. They even bring in some info about NATO bombs to make sure that they are not forced to ever report that not all killing of civilians is caused by our militaries. I must confess I am not a massive fan of the BBC, and they keep confirming my views.
  4. You mean by spouting the same old Govt lies? Yup I hear that.

    Channel 4 and even sometimes ITV News seem to be the best option, as "sometimes" they might even ask a difficult question and not take the Govt standard lying/not answering the question thing they do as being ok.

    But on topic, sad news for the Afghans but I'm not exactly shocked. Hitting a wedding was standard for Iraq a few years back.
  5. Don't know the full details yet, but I had assumed that this was a bit of bad luck on behalf of the wedding party. They were driving along and activated an IED which was meant for us.
  6. Fair one. To be quite honest I didn't exactly read it properly and just presumed it was a deliberate attempt on some civvies. My bad
  7. I'd never wish hurt on any innocent, but things like this are exactly how we can begin to win the war in my opinion. As soon as it can be clearly seen that we have way more regard for civvies than the Tali, then public opinion over there will begin to shift.
  8. It is difficult to find accurate figures but it is generally accepted that coalition forces were responsible for around 40% of civilian casualties in Afghanistan last year, around 800 of these were killed in bombing raids.

    Could be that talibs are going to be responsible for a greater percentage of civilian deaths this year, but coalition has killed thousands of innocents to date. Hardly conducive to hearts and minds and something that is finally being addressed, and in doing so places coalition troops at greater risk.

    Sensitive subject, I doubt it will materially affect support for Taliban, but neither side can afford to continue to inflict death on innocent people.
  9. Negligent-Discharge

    Negligent-Discharge LE Book Reviewer

    I bought The Scarey One a freeview box for Christmas.... all fine except we started getting hissed off with the BBC/C4/ITN news and discovered RTV from Moscow... You get far more world news on it. BBC1 in the mornings just seems to be a vehicle for "my latest book/play/film" around 09:00 and as for CNN - yawn. The only drawback with Russian TV are the appaling American accents... they're even worse than a hillbilly on Jack Daniels.