Afghan 'Atheist' Given Asylum


War Hero
Came across a bloke who came to the UK on student visa from one of the Arab countries, can't remember which one. His wife and children came over as his dependants. Wife left him she became westernised, learned to drive, wears western type clothes jeans etc,and became a christian claimed Asylum.

Had to deal with a number of cases of the offspring of Asylum seekers, who had been granted Asylum from the Islamic faith, who have rejected there parents lifestyle and adopted western lifestyles, parents not happy.


BBC News - Atheist Afghan granted religious asylum in UK

Hats off to the man - he is so enamoured with British life he is willing to do the worst thing a Muslim can do, reject his faith, to stay here.

Shame it has taken 3000+ ISAF lives, countless thousand Afghan lives and billions and billions and billions of British Pounds to achieve that level of stability in his home country.

It gives me a feeling in the pit of my stomach.

Excellent news...that only leaves 1.6 billion bomb vest wearing maniacs left to worry about.

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