Afghan Army step up in the fight against IEDs

Discussion in 'Afghanistan' started by MoD_RSS, Jul 6, 2012.

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  2. Why are they called warriors when we are called soldiers ? I christen you Right On Mouthpiece
  3. You do realize that MOD RSS (as annoying as it is) is an automated feed? You've just christened a computer.

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  4. Yeah but it helps me personalise the experience although I can get angry at a computer as well
  5. They call them Warriors as much like the Warrior AFV they like to stop several hundred metres away from the enemy while the actual soldiers de-bus and advance forward.
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  6. TreeMen dose !!! He's here all week folks :)
  7. Are they going to fight against IEDs by not planting so many?
  8. You have to wonder if this IED training isn't going straight back to their cousin down the valley who will make it more difficult next time . Still I'm sure it will be alright as the ANA are on our side
  9. Doesn't matter.

    The only sophisticated bit about them is the detonator which the Iranians supply, rest of it's scrap wood and an old jet cut saw blade, they don't have to be sophisticated they just have to keep making lots of them.
  10. I think you guys are called "Heroes" or something...