Afghan and British forces seize Taliban anti-tank weapon

Discussion in 'Afghanistan' started by MoD_RSS, Feb 28, 2012.

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  2. It wasn't an RPG-7 was it?
  3. Nope.
  4. 82mm recoilless. Someone remind me what was the calibre of Charlie G?
  5. 84mm you mong.
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  6. thank god there weren't any tanks about
  7. is that the real life one because i think the xbox one is 84mm.

    its pretty crap against armour though so mybe the real one is better.
  8. That'll be one of these then...


    "Oi, Crow! You're carrying this!"
  9. And the basic design is only seventy years old. No wonder the Americans have to spend fifty per cent of their budget on the military. Hell of a victory though.
  10. That's the one in "The Beast of War" film that one tries to take out a T55 with.
  11. No Yanks involved twas Brits and Afghans, but never let facts interrupt your ****ing pathological hatred. Maybe later you can skin an aborigine child to settle your nerves.
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  12. Hmm, it looks like an SPG-9 (same ammo as the BMP-1), but that has 73mm cal.

    So, I'm mistaken, or the 82mm in the article is wrong. (???)
  13. Ronin, the article was written by an MOD journo. Anything is possible.
  14. Pfff you lot are so cynical. Clearly the government had credible int on this back in October 2010 so took the decision to cut armour by 40% as a sort of force protection strategy.
  15. 82mm RCL was common in the Former WP, Yugoslavia and PRC Army.