Afghan amputee caught in bed with married woman punch up.

Hmmmmmmm, either the Daily Racist has stuck to it's usual editorial standards.....Or this whole cross dressing malarky has become pretty sophisticated nowadays.



So basically - Soldier shags slapper.

I was expecting a storyline from the Afghani version of Emmerdale.


Just seen the girls called woodcock, now that is gold.


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Well, the actual title should be "separated husband strikes wifes one night stand and fights with wife."
I think everyone missed the salient point in this story. A house for under 60k!!!!


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I do like the daily Wail total accuracy on the house price £58400.23 and legless ex squaddy manages to bed a separated woman one supposes to make it a full house she should have been a immigrant.

But well done that man Headley Court should be proud, carry on.

Edited to add I lied about the 23p and I would
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Well I'm just grateful that the Mail included a picture of a street full of houses - it helps those who have never seen a row or two of houses and adds so much to the story.

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