Afghan aid worker hostage killed by captors

Quotation from babatim's blog "Free Range International" at the time Miss Norgrove was taken:

Yesterday a British national working for the development firm DAI was kidnapped (in the same spot where the video was filmed last August.) She was moving in a two vehicle convoy of low profile Toyota Corollas which is normally a safe mode of travel as long as the people inside the Corollas can pass as locals at first glance. This method of blending in is not a good idea if the convoy is going to be static for any period of time allowing local spotters to get a good look at the passengers. There are internationals in Afghanistan who can fool a trained observer with local clothes and a local style beard but they are few and far between and anorexic by western standards.

I do not know the woman who was kidnapped that well but can say she was one of the more experienced and savvy operators in the eastern region. The company she works for, DAI, is one of the “big boys” in the reconstruction business and although they are not as nimble or fast as we are they are still damn good.
She was therefore aware of the risks that she was taking. Impressive.


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