afghan advice please on 3 month tour!

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by darcy_vu_qua, May 18, 2010.

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  1. i am just asking this as i have just found out im deplying to afghan next week and have been told i do not qualify for any pre tour or post tour leave i know i wont get R & R and thats understandable but i thought you get a day for every two weeks your away or am i wrong!!

    :police: im not to bothered but i wanted to clear it up what the rules exactally are???
  2. I did two months on Telic 11 and got 1 days leave for every 9 days in theatre.
  3. I know it's 1 day of POL for every 9 spent in theatre, HOWEVER, I do not know if there is a minimum qualifying period before this kicks in. If you have access to DII, search for the OP HERRICK MOUNTING ORDER on te defence intranet.

  4. Qualifying period is errr 9 days
  5. yep, 1 day owed for every 9 away, POTL. If you work it out it equates to about 10 days for your tour, so you'd be owed 2 weeks off and JPA i believe adds it automatically so it'll be there for you whenever you need to have it off if they don't allow it.

    Bit c*ntish to not give you any leave beforehand though....
  6. You also must take at least 2 weeks POTL within the first month of being back, as mandated by higher to stop units keeping their boys in work for a few months then giving them the POTL in lieu of summer leave for instance.
  7. Hi. I did 3 months in Afghan last year and got 1 days POTL for every 9 days served out there.That is standard,u will get a brief on your RSOI package anyway about it.
  8. As per the JSP:

    1 Day POL will be awarded for every 9 days on tour. There is no qualifying period.

    EG: I just did 20 days in the fawklands and got 2 days POL for it.