Afghan- A step sideways?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by dirk_digler, Jul 2, 2010.

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  1. Absolutly no disrespect intended but has anyone else noticed bootnecks dropping like fig11s recently? what the hell is going on? I seem to remember people saying the same about The Rifles at the start of their tour,who the Marines took over from.

    Is it due to a insurgent "surge" or "spring offensive" whatever you want to call it. Or could it be that when you get a handover between tours that it is a sideways step and that old lessons are now being re-learnt?

    Not a reg (yet) so don't have a clue myself, but I was wondering what other peoples views may be
  2. Booties like to take the fight forward to the enemy.
  3. what im trying to get at is that alot of the casualties seem to happen at the start of tours

  4. Terry knows you new on the ground and gets frisky and you have to take the fight to him.
  5. Casualty spikes coincide with HO/TOs and the poppy season. When you first arrive your battle group wants to make their mark. No different to any other roulement tour in history.
  6. In adapting to IEDs, they've become more vulnerable to say.. gunfire.
    Hence alot of shooting deaths recently.
  7. Not really. Casualties from IEDs are still approximately 80-90%.
  8. Whilst your question is valid and should be a source for discussion, I'm afraid that I do take offence at the manner in which you ask it.