Afganistan or Telic

Discussion in 'REME' started by Efargee20, Mar 9, 2007.

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  1. Im on List D Reserve (REME Cpl VMA1)and have been asked by the MoD to volunteer for either the next Telic or Afganistan. I was in The Gulf in 91 on Granby. Anyone thats got experience of either in REME I'd be obliged with any advice. I accept I'm going to get the usual "Dont go mate" routine but have decided to go back for my own reasons. So anything positive will be appreciated.

    God Save the Queen my son

  2. take a laptop, mp3 player or prtable Dvd player with you.
  3. SHITE CAN THEY STILL DO THAT TO YOU ? How old are you ? how long have you been out ?
  4. 41 and yes.......................1996 reserve act says yes they can even if your in what used to be a protected civ service ie cops fire service etc. tbh Im looking fwd to either 8 and a half months on Telic or 11 and a half months in afgan.

    Thanks for info on DVD player etc

  5. Out in 19ninety mess tin2

  6. Thanks Man in the Corner. Take it there are a few hours down time?

  7. Theres always time, to take your mind off what ever job your job your doing, just take some thing to keep your mind going, and lable your Frankie 711's or some thing.
  8. Any idea on which unit you're likely to deploy with?
  9. Not been told what unit. The next op to afganistan is June and Telic is around then too Im told by Brown St in Glasgow. Only info I have is length of tours and they will contact me in 6-8 weeks time with dates etc.

  10. Did Granby myself and two Telic's, trying to get to the next afghanistan but wor lass is getting a bit miffed off. My experience was constant work and then some. Downtime was drinking any warm homebrew that we could make and as for DVD's, they waste time well. Bar that, fitness is always a plus on tour.
  11. Thanks Falklands, what trade are you? was it workshops stuff or LAD. Id prefer a LAD to be honest but am happy to get the chance of a deployment.

  12. dude,

    come to telic with me, i am out here now and living the dream, and staying out for telic ten, and still will be living the dream. Come and work for me as all the REME are in one location now, and we can all live the dream together.

    With regards to taking stuff, i can give first had info, as things have changed a little over here in the past few months
  13. It strikes me that Herrick is more worthwhile than Telic.

    Telic is just chaotic dead end carnage and fruitless "hearts and minds" whilst Herrick is the traditional campaign between the pathans and the British army. We have real UN support for Herrick too. If I get back in and have a choice it will be Herrick every time.

    Have a good one.

    Ex STAB
  14. Tiller, Not quite sure if its a urine extraction but thanks anyway :)
    Ex Stab, Its going to be the Stan I think. Im re-signing onto list D on Monday to extend for another 4 years. Kentigern house getting back to me June. Thanks for post and all the best.

    Pip pip
  15. How long!?!